Funeral Dress

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by steveh, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Depends entirely on your relationship with the deceased, I've worn a Hawaiian shirt at a mates funeral before. A suit and tie will not be wrong.
  2. If you are an old military colleague - dark lounge suit with regimental tie is perfectly acceptable. If you are a bearer, dark suit with white shirt and black tie. Blazers are a bit 70's. Do not wear medals unless in the appropriate uniform.
  3. I'm of an age that I seem to be doing a lot of this. Suit and regimental tie is the norm
  4. If it is a military funeral then there should be a Funerals Officer dealing with the arrangements. Perhaps you could try and and find out who it is and asking him, there may be others wondering the same thing
  5. Talk to the fella (Colours) running with it

    General rule is suit and reg tie, negative gongs

    Did it last year and did pack my gongs, had a look at them in hotel room then packed em back in the bag. All you require are cotton hankies for the ladies you stand next to in the god shed and a big pocket of cash for the bonzai port drinking/reminscing apres burn/bury
  6. I agree with the gimp about checking with Colours.

    However minatures can be worn with suit and regimental tie. It depends on wishes of the deceased and their family really.

    Remember to take a full wallet and expect to return home with it empty.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Turn up in what you feel would be appropriate and what you feel comfortable wearing.

  8. Your EX..Just be Ex and wear dark suit black tie.
  9. That would be the correct thing to do.
    Remember no white socks.
    black tie not regimental
    Clean polished shoes.
    White shirt.
    Dark suit.
    Clean pocket handkerchief. (for you to offer the ladies.)
  10. Am attending my Grandfathers funeral on tuesday, am wearing my no2's (he was RN) as requested by my gran and family. Do I need to be wearing gloves and belt? Also, if I do have to wear a white belt, will I need to have my corps (AAC) buckle on it (or is that down to preference?). I'm away from my regiment at the moment so don't have any guidance on correct dress for this event, help is much appreciated.
  11. I am guessing you will be on your own as opposed to with a group of similarly dressed soldiers.
    You are best wearing your No2 dress as you would for a Parade. No white gloves that is a bit ceremonial. Whatever belt you normally wear and any gongs you may have earned. I know different units have different ideas but this tends to be the acceptable style. Don't get photographed wearing kit you shouldn't because you never know where they will appear.
    Do the AAC wear white belts normally?
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