Funeral appeal by soldier mother


War Hero
Folks, dont know if this is in the right area or been covered already but if any of you are local bikers or would be able to attend. There are no contact details but I wonder if his Regiment could provide details

The mother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan has made an appeal for people to take part in a motorcycle cavalcade at his funeral in Somerset.

Cpl Tom Gaden's body was brought back to RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire on 3 March.

The 24-year-old 1 Rifle soldier will have a military funeral on 16 March and the plan is for motorbikes to follow the procession.

Judy Gaden, from Taunton, said her son was a biking enthusiast and would have loved a farewell of bikes.

Gordon Kemp, ex-traffic policeman who taught Cpl Gaden how to ride, has joined in a public appeal to other enthusiasts.

"The more we can do, the more we can honour Tom.

"I am calling on employers to allow motorcyclists just to nip out for an hour," he said.