Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. Idea on fundraisers for the ACF chaps, so far the ones I use are subs and NAAFI, its not much, but ultimately if we want to pay for the cadets to have things like detachment t-shirts etc then it all boils down to money.

    How do you guys go about it?

  2. Bag packing made my det about £750 over a weekend. I hate taking my cadets to the co-op to do it but the white water rafting was worth it! :D :D :D

    Remainder of the money went on annual camp fees (a lot of my cadets come from 'stannes' and as such their parents can't afford it) and a new trophy for cadet of the year.
  3. Bag packs are always a popular one in our County. I can't stand them. I think it is quite degrading to have to grovel for shoppers spare change. Shoppers also find it quite humourous that the 'Army' (as they see it) has to raise money for bullets by bag packing. On the plus side it does make you a lot of money - can easily get £1000 in a big store in only four or five hours of work. Another plus is that you can give a cut to charity (SSAFA, ABF etc).

    I also have a swear box and fines for crap uniform. Relies on the good will of the cadets.
  4. Bag packing seems like a fair one then, one or two days of gritting my teeth to make the detachment bank healthy seems like it'd be ok!

    Any others?
  5. My unit used to have 'civie' nights - bascially everyone wore civies, watched a movie and generally had some fun - and everyone paid £1 - a bit like school non-uniform nights! We also used to have bbq's in the summer - and charge the cadets a small amount for that!

    Raises money and the cadets get to have a bit of chilled fun together!
  6. Small Problem with that one, my lot are absolutely army-barmy. The last parade night before XMAS went like this:

    ME: Ok lads, what do you want to next week.
    CADETS: Eh?
    ME: Last night before xmas, you can do what you want for the night
    CADETS: Ummmm, we'd rather carry on training
    ME: No guys, have a fun night, non-uniform
    CADETS: Oh, can we do PT then?
  7. I can see your problem!
    Maybe one of the laser type game things if you have one near by!
    They normally enjoy those (especially if the adults take part!) and charge them a little bit more!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ask the parent Batt to help out,ie,if your badged Irish Guards,ask if they'll contribute some dosh towards tee-shirts (good PR for them!) or if they have any I.G shirts,rob them & get your det embroidered on them as well.
    You could also hold a open day,get the local TA or again,Parent Batt to put on a roadshow with the recruitment wagon,have a barbie & put some posters up in the school to encourage new members.
  9. Yeah selling T-shirts at a slight (not ridiculous though) profit is always a good one. Either that or rugby shirts always go down well! You can get nice one made in your own style/colour etc from Kukri
  10. Kukri.....Nice!

    any ideas if Kooga or Canturbury do them?
  12. Packing is a role beneath educated men, it is however an ideal role for you :wink:
    Is your boyfriend still married to someone else? Feking home wrecker.

    - edited to say

    nicely said rab, you almost make me feel bad for abusing her on your forum. I’ll try and behave myself on your threads in future :D
  13. For crying out loud!

    I will not let you destroy another of my threads, the previous one was purely a rant about NAAFI, with this I merely want ideas about fundraising.

    Do you really think that parents will allow their kids out to deliver post during the Xmas period. Further to that, do you really think that me and the other AI's want to be a postie when we could be in the pub with our mates and family over Xmas.

    Without sounding like Papa Lazaroo from the league of gentlemen, this is an ACF thread for ACF people, to contribute to and liase with regs and TA over cadet matters. YOU have no reason to be here.

    Please, please, go away. This is the polite warning, others may follow.

  14. Don't reject everything Pentwyn says out of hand, just because she is who she is.

    I actually quite like the idea of the Christmas card delivery service, though obviously it'd only work in a small town, and it would probably entail AIs having to spend an hour or two driving about. I can't imagine it being a major earner, but you never know. As long as you got a couple of hundred cards to deliver it would cover expenses, and it would also make a nice photo opportunity for the local rag.

    As to Goku's comment about her boyfriend, well since she's advocating using cadets to pack shopping at supermarkets, and saying she hopes her boyfriend would pack her shopping, it's obvious that she's seeing a pimply faced 14 year old!
  15. Right, here’s an idea to make up for almost de-tracking your thread.

    As you’re kids are keen, why not get them doing a fund raising run.

    Borrow a running machine from your local gym, TA center, regular army, and set it up in you local shopping centre or high street.
    The kids do a “fun run” to raise money, maybe it’s a team running for 24hrs or reaching 1000 miles in a set time… pick a goal that’s reasonably impressive.
    While the runners are running you have the youngest kids holding buckets, begging for small change :D

    It’ll be good for the kids fitness and you’ll raise a reasonable amount of cash.

    My TA unit did the same thing two years ago over two days. We were raising money to help a local mong, I think we collected about £2000 in the end.
    Not too bad for bucket rattling.