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I am looking at doing a charity rally and the regulations state that I can donate upto 50% of my raised money to a Registered Children's Charity in my local community.

1st Question:- Are there any Registered Children's Charities in the Forces community?

2nd Question:- Trying to keep my sponsors "Army" Orientated i.e. NAAFI etc, are there any big players in the Forces community that might be willing to sponsor?

Failing 2nd Q are there any big names linked to the Forces community that would sponsor? i.e. sporting names or vehicle manufacturers.

Any ideas?


A lot of the Forces Car Sale companies; Volvo, etc do sponsorship. Try and speak to the local reps rather than the head office. Don't forget to do GIFT AID - whereby the Charity you give the money to can claim 28p from every pound from the taxman, all it takes is a sponsorship form with the address of the person who gives you the money and a signature. The person must be paying Income Tax.

Try local businesses that benefit from Service Personnel/families money - makes em feel guilty (sometimes).

Good Luck.



I'll try the local Car manufacturers next week, I'll pop in and see them rather than phone or e-mail.

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