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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by wilkins_1, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Next month i'm running the Coastal Trail Series 2009-10 - South Devon - Marathon, in aid of help for heroes, all donations would be greatly appreciated, you can donate via this site tell your friends and family too i aim to raise at least £500, Many thanks evreyone
  2. Give us more confidence if you spelt it correctly (twice):

    Help for Heroes

    Might help with the cheque, selecting the right wristband etc...
  3. Oddly he no longer exists on Just Giving either! :?
  4. updated link should work now the old link had a comma at the end that's why it didn't work and apologies for the spelling error my browsers spell check didn't pick up on it, please let me know if the link still doesn't work
  5. first donation...

  6. first of many hopefully :D

    Thank you Very much
  7. I'm happy to donate to this ... but sadly can only do so at the end of the month ... Jan is the longest month ever for me, so I need to stick to budget! If you bump this closer to the end of the month, or PM me, then I will donate with pleasure :D
  8. will do thank you for the support
  9. Donated, as promised!

    Good luck with this mate, and let us know how it goes :D