Fundraisers Note: Commission Free donation collection

For those who are thinking of fundraising or are involved in a charity, this is an organisation you should look to as a means of collecting your money as we did for the RBL auction:

Instead of creaming off 5% or so of your funds as done by the larger Just Giving (Branson, nice bloke, but doesn't need his cut of this) they don't charge anything, and also have a service connection. It's run by an ex marine and with this free-model approach to fund collection he causing quite a stir.

It surprised me to learn that some charities aren't overly concerned that 5% of the money raised for them is being wasted. Anyway, you should make sure that whoever you decide to raise funds for isn't giving away money like that.

So, if you are fundraising for a charity, you should ask them how much is taken out before the money gets to them, and if it's not zero then make sure they do something about it, or look elsewhere.

Anyway, sermon over - From Be My Charity's website

"now we offer a free service

We don't charge commission fees to charities, but we do need to generate income to continue to provide our services to charities and to fundraisers. We do this by offering discreet sponsorship and advertising opportunities to carefully selected companies who support our vision of making fundraising free. So if you're invited to register for a credit card (for example) when you've made your donation please consider it! We don't share your personal data with any sponsor or advertiser."

If your company would like to sponsor or advertise through Bmycharity please get in touch!
I'm using these for my doo-dah thing and they are really good! Mega efficient too, an Arrser who shall remain nameless managed to put their real life name and arrse name on a donation, I emailed the chaps at BMC and the offending username was removed within the messing about! Very easy to use and to set up too, highly recommended.
The Red Devil's Actively promote the use of Bmycharity for fundraising Skydives with them.
Bmy Charity have been working alongside the team's Tandem Skydiving operation for a few years now, they have earned great merit from the Team and their fundraiser's alike.

Including an Ex-Para who raised over £37,000 for Help for Heroes and a Ex-Scots Guard who raised over £15,000 for the Colonels Fund Scots Guards.

Check out their pages:

Tim Benn's Bmycharity Page

David Owens Bmycharity Page
one way to make sure your money is going to where you want it to is look at commpanie house records it shows you how much the directors of charities are on.... h4h directors are on ridiculous amounts enough to pay cash for a house each
Really sad but bmycharity is closing its doors as of 19th March as they cannot get sponsorship to keep the site running. Unless anyone knows differently which means that we will be posting the CS therapeutic garden onto the Just Giving Site........
Taken over by H4H so still going, still free for charities and yet people still use Just Giving. It's very irritating to see a lot of charity money going into corporate pockets that could otherwise make it to its intended destination in tact.
I will shout Bmycharity from every rooftop going!! I REALLY can't recommend them any more highly!!