Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Pal1984, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. On the 1st – 5th November, 10 Royal Engineers from 39 Engineer Regiment, Cambridge will walk/tab 10 marathons in 5 days to raise funds for St Dunstan’s, the national charity supporting blind ex-Servicemen and women.

    My name is SSgt Jim Offord, I’m currently serving with 39 Engineer Regiment, myself and 9 others have returned from the Middle East and have thrown ourselves into this challenge, which we have devised, as a way of giving back to the charities that have helped our fellow soldiers and friends in difficult times.

    St Dunstan’s have residential care centres at Sheffield and Brighton, The team aim to walk from one to the other via the national HQ in London, we will be wearing combat boots, and carrying 39lb Bergen’s for each marathon. We aim to complete a marathon every 6 hours, and then have 6 hours recovery, so yes we will be marching through the night!

    In addition to this challenge we will also be completing 10 extra marathons on treadmills to promote our challenge, we are also looking to break a world record or two.

    We would be extremely grateful for your support towards this Forces Challenge, which will give us a chance to raise money to help St Dunstan’s continue to provide the lifelong support blind ex-Servicemen and women need.

    please visit
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Men of the Corps !

    rather than start a new thread, thought I would put a swift notette here.

    By way of an additional BUMP, another singular Sapper is fundraising in July, in this instance for the British Limbless Ex Servicemen's Association (BLESMA) - who do a fantastic job for our injured Servicemen and women.

    Lots of folk seem to want to cycle the length of Britain - not many choose to do it on a folding bike!


    here y'go:

    Nick is keeping a blog as he progresses

    95 psi on 18 inch wheels? eeesh.....

    For an update ( and encourage him) click on LINKY

    Plse excuse the unwarranted intrusion ......and now, back to the records......

    Don Cabra