Funding of Talking Therapies


A government pledge to make "talking therapies" more available is being jeopardised by higher education funding cuts, training providers have claimed.

The Department of Health has said it wants to boost access to counselling and psychotherapy to benefit 900,000 more people over the next three years.

Plans include recruiting 3,600 more therapists.

But organisations that offer therapy courses say this will be hard to fulfil after a decision to withdraw some higher education funding.

The warning comes after the Liberal Democrats obtained trust figures revealing some patients wait more than three years for psychotherapy.
My local trust shut down its occupational health department. Hence there are no 'talking therapies' available at all. Patients, including servicemen returning from foreign parts, are now on their own with a packet of Prozac and a list of self help books stocked by the library.

Fortunately, the trust still manages to fund a drop in centre for married men who think they might be gay.
Here in Nth Lincs the Mental Health Halfway House was closed and all those who were able to use it were sent if they needed the help to MIND.

MIND are pulling their hair out, as they have no information / records on anyone who could have been in the PCT Acute Care unit, or those on long term care / treatments. So all they can do if offer a cup of coffee and a listening ear.

Mental Health has been cut by the NHS year on year and those employed are having their continuation traning cut. Perhaps there are still some staff who are working for the best of the patient, but when their employers the NHS lead by poor example, what chance does the patient have.

There are some very real concerns over Prozac amd it's long term effects!

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