Funding for Master's degree before RMAS?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by 86-john-mahn, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Has anybody heard of this happening? I understand the undergraduate funding scheme is now available for students looking at Soldier Entry and bursary's are on offer for further education but what about some form of financial help for a 1-year Msc?

    None of my job choices are recruiting this financial year so I'm considering the option of Officer entry again. In the meantime a Master's will keep my brain ticking over, give me a good, solid technical degree and wil help the wait before beginning either Phase 1 or The Commissioning Course pass quickly.

    I understand I would have to pass AOSB first and would be contractually obliged to serve for a certain amount of time due to taking an army grant but with the average Master's costing between £6-9k and that being added to my £18k undergraduate debt, anything would be of great help.

    If I knew the bursary scheme was available to Soldier Entry hopefuls when I was an undergrad I would of dived at it.
  2. This makes no sense at all.

    University sponsorship is available for those who pass the AOSB and are entering as Officers, I'm not aware of any sponsorship/scholarship available for those who wish to enter as Soldiers. Moreover, the Army doesn't exist to fund your way through university; if we have a need for you to do a MSc/MA/MPhil then we'll put you on it. We're not just going to throw some money at you to make your life a bit more comfortable.

    Seriously, at which point did you consider the phrase "Serve to lead" whilst writing the above?
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  3. You seem to have taken offence to my post and I can't quite understand why, but I'll apologise anyway if it helps.

    According to the 'Joining the Army' section of the official website it states;

    "If you’re at university, or planning to go, there is a wide range of Army support available for you as a potential Regular officer or soldier. From financial support worth up to £8000 while you study, to military training opportunities and social events with the University Officer Training Corps or Territorials, the Army can make life as an undergraduate easier."

    "The Army values its soldiers. That’s why we offer bonuses and bounty payments to make sure we recruit and keep the people we need."

    There is also Golden Hellos and Financial Help Grants available to both potential soldiers and officers doing courses other than undergraduate degrees. My question was does this help extend in anyway to entrants taking master's degrees.

    These are all incentives to join. I'm already in the joining process and have proved I have all the incentive I need but whilst I wait I am looking to improve as a candidate and I believe educating myself further can do no harm whatsover as I would hopefully be bringing more skills and qualities to the table.

    If the Army is advertising a form of sponsorship to people wanting to improve their education in return for signing up is it wrong for me to seek more information?
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if that's a long worded way of saying undergraduate students (bloody annoying creatures =p) who have aspirations of joining as a soldier can join the TA and get paid for it. Something I image has always been the case, but the army's now putting a spin on it to make it sound like a perk.
  5. Quite possibly. Although I do know of someone who got £1000 in his final year of a BTEC in a discipline totally unrelated to his chosen trade in the Army as a Soldier entry. My thinking is if they could partially fund a lower qualification maybe they would consider partially funding a Msc particularly if it relates to a trade choice and it shows he/she can study at a higher level.

    I'm seriously considering applying as an Officer and the Royal Engineers would be my first choice as it is with Soldier entry. The problem with that being I have a BA(Hons) so when compared to other Officer potentials with degrees in Engineering, etc I might be looked on less favourably. A Msc conversion course in an engineering related subject could help in my aspiration to be an RE Officer.
  6. With respect to you needing a MSc to help your aspiration to join the RE, I would only point out that they do not require an Engineering Degree for you to join. Indeed, unless you choose to go down the CEng route (which removes you from the standard career path), you could join the RE as a non-grad and do just as well. From what I have seen of RE Officers, what they are looking for is common sense allied to decent levels of physical fitness.

    My "irked-ness" comes from the fact that you seem to want the Army to pay for your MSc in order for you to pass the time. At no point did you outline the benefit to the Army, or how it would improve your ability as an Officer.
  7. Very true, I do understand it's not a prerequisite to have an Engineering Degree I just feel I would stand a better chance of a place with the RE when considering the high amount of Officer applicants who I presume will have that type of background or who have at least experience within the industry.

    You are correct in saying I should of stated my reasons for doing an Msc more clearly. By saying It helps pass the time I mean it gives me something substantial to show my recruiters when asked how have I kept myself occupied whilst waiting to join. I wanted to point out I could fit a full-time degree course in which I'm going to undertake whether I receive funding or not, a bank loan will probably be the only solution. The course is only to benefit the Army by making me a more qualified individual and award me the confidence in knowing I can do my chosen trade to an even higher standard than would of been possible of me without the Msc.

    It's all about making good use of the long waiting times, I'm after a full Army career and after applying in 2009 I feel im stagnating as the start dates particularly for the Soldier entry design trades keep getting pushed further and further back.