funding for itc kit list

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by beano.09.1lancs, May 18, 2009.

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  1. just thought id let evri1 no that if you claim job seekers allowance..aka a degree in playin on consoles all day..they giv you up to £300 or refund vice versa for your itc kit list..just a bit of info for any of us dole dossers :D
  2. Would this apply to me as I would be 18 and just finished school by the time I get there but not necessarily have claimed anything like that (though I do get the EMA thing) ?
    SS thx
  3. to tell you the truth i think you have to be claiming the dole...sorrryyy ss
  4. Although you're a little way off starting basic I would suggest you contact your recruiting sergeant at the AFCO if you wanted to know. Least that way you can get a defiant answer instead of guesses. :)
  5. why do dole dossers get everything thrown at them..! i gotta work 2 jobs and get jack shit in the way of help just poxy family allowence for 3 kids grrrrr..!

    sorry winds me up

  6. My thoughts exactly!
  7. Thanx I will just ask maybe around the time I go to ADSC or they will have forgotten by the time I come to get my kitlist lol.
  8. Dont get me started on those lazy bastards that cant work cause they have a 'sore back'
  9. uh-oh......I sense a bit of tension brewing on this topic!
  10. I totally agree, however I'm part of the percentage claiming the dole but also actively looking for work. Been claiming and jobseeking for months and no freakin work in site.
    I always see the stereotypical chavs when i sign on, real scum of the earth just taking advantage of the system. Makes me sick.

    anyway thanks for the tip beano.
  11. Yeah and its always the genuine people that lost jobs that feel guilty for claiming, those nobs that do it for years and have no intention of finding jobs are lapping it up arrgghhhh.
  12. I'm not one of those lazy people by the way lol just at 6th form 5 days a week and some weekends just to clear that up lol.
  13. Yeah I agree, makes me sick too cos those of us who are working and struggling get no help whatsoever - just expected to get our heads down and go without. My brother is dole scum - has no intention of doing a days work and he gets offered all sorts of help and financial incentives to get his act together.

    It's a shame because for those that really deserve it the benefits system is a great idea, but there are so many people who abuse it and make it so that claiming the dole is something to be ashamed of
  14. Well said! it is a shame that there are so many lazy f**kers about, fair enough with how the economy is at the minute there are a fair few people out of work, but with all the "help" they get off of the dole office there's no wonder so many people are sitting at home doing nothing!
    I myself have been out of work since jan for the first time in 5 years and have been scrimping and scraping to get by and get all my kit but i would never personally walk in there to sign on!
    just my opinion anyway. :evil:
  15. thats a lovley way to speak about your brother lolol :O

    i agree you see the bast***s going to the post office collecting there little sum of money for sittin on there

    backside all day doin sfa :)

    shoot them allll ;)
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