funding for expeds... help needed

Hiya all,

I have decided to take some whuffo squaddies and convert them to skydivers in Cali (Perris Valley) when we get back from TELIC.

Has anyone got any ideas who i can write to for money to offset the cost, I got the usual's, Div, Bde, Regt, BIBMTF, BA(G) sports board.

Are there any more so I can get the price down for the guys? what kind of figure is realistic to ask for per head as well?

Help us out guys in the know


It looks like you have covered most of the places you can get money from. The sports board will normally only give money if you are competing though. Your own Corps may also have funds that you can apply for. Generally you will get a better responce and more moeny if junior soldiers are attending, as you are coming back from Telic use that as a bartering tool again. The individuals should pay a third of the total cost, put all your figures together and when you submit your JSATFA (ATSI) Div should assist to make this psooible. It does depend on the activity you are doing though, they sometimes argue that you could attend a military course at one of the centres, there are parachuting centres, so have a good argument as to why you are unable to use these, I would sugest your current operational commitment would be the best argument. CILOR can obviuosly also be applied for. Hope this helps a bit.

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