Funding for Distance Learning


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I left the Army in December 2014 as part of the last redundancy tranche, I was informed that if we were to attend University within 6 years of leaving HM Forces that the MoD would pay the tuition fee. Does this also apply to distance learning courses? If not, what funding can i get towards them? I'm planning on doing an HNC in construction at the cost of £3000.

Many Thanks


If it's related to the Enhanced Learning Credits scheme, then the amount was up to £2000 (max 80% of the course cost).

I did a distance learning Masters, and the fees were split over two years - so I got 2 x £2000 contribution from my ELCs.

If it's a different scheme altogether, then no idea - sorry.


War Hero
Its £3000 split over 2 years, as a civvy, who/ where would I go to apply for this funding?

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