Fund raising question.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Monster, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. I am thinking of running my local marathon and trying to raise some money for help the heroes. As I have run marathons before I thought I would run In boots, combats and a bergen (not sure on what weight yet) and maybe set myself a time to come In by (It won't be a fast run)

    Before I start putting plans Into action and looking for sponsorship, should I ask for permission as I am going to be doing It In uniform.
  2. Short answer: yes you need permission.

    Would have a wee think about running it in boots though? Or maybe not. Who am I to say.
  3. When I say run I mean tab, jog.
  4. doing this is discouraged by the army largely, as far as I am aware.

    why not wear civvy clothes, a civvy rucksack and civvy boots? the rucksack (even with the same weight) will probably do your back more favours than a bergen, you needn't ask permission, and you're not a security hazard.
  5. Some lads from the Londons did it last year Donation Page

    you could always try getting in touch direct for info.

  6. Many armed forces people do marathons and similar in uniform and bergans / webbing etc. Hell the year I did the London marathon I saw a flight of rock apes doing it in num,ber one uniform flying the RAF flag.

    Ask your boss and pti's see what they say. And good luck, it was hard enough in shorts and running shoes.
  7. what I meant is doing it by yourself is discouraged. I think doing an organised unit thing is more ok.

    last year at Reading half we were recruiting and our PR man was showing much discontent at the army's attitude to the bloke who did it in combats and bergen.
  8. Thanks there are some interesting comments, I guess I will just wait and ask first, I am in between units and have my first weekend with my new unit In the beginning of may, so I won't be able to do much until then.

    Thanks Polar69 for the support, I have done a couple of marathons I even maneged a ultra mara once so I now how hard going they can be.