Fund raising ideas at Local Fete

My cadet detachment has been asked to help out at a local fete and to do some fund raising. i have a recuiting trailer and not much else. Any ideas on what would rake loads of money :?
Best check out face painting with your group HQ as you don't want to be in hot water if some small child comes out in a rash!

one idea that we are doing is camming our cadets up, taking a picture, print out and then charge for people to "guess how many cadets are in the picture"!

Also Gues the weight of the bergan / webbing!

normal fete stuff just with a military theme!
Command Tasks! only joking...think of the risk assesment for that!
I have some scrim net you can borrow.
How about a competion- quickest time to put up a tent/basha.
If you have the recruitng trailer ask the ACIO for a RRT aswell.

So much you can do and charge them to do it or get cadets to get sponsors.

under Cam net - set up an OP with loads of items (rations, mil clothing, mess tins etc)approx 30-50metres away, give them 5 minutes to spot as many things as they can then write items down.

Cant cook, wont cook with ration packs, always get some mayor etc to judge.

get a couple of teams of cadets doing a gun run (with gun made up of tubes, tyres etc)
SCUBA-Babe said:
Best check out face painting with your group HQ as you don't want to be in hot water if some small child comes out in a rash!
Behave - that's just the sort of arrsehole attitude that makes young recruits UFS... give the little bastrads some danger and excitement, if they're too scared to put on camo at the age of 8 then they're hardly suitable anyway.

Encourage the fit and the healthy, show them that Service life is something they should aspire too and to be proud of. The money-grabbing, work-shy chavs can fcuk off and find their own level in the food chain.

Let's not dumb it down, give them inspiration through competition. All may apply, but not all will be selected type programmes. If you're good enough come and try British bulldogs, touch rugby and standing-still-for-hours-on-end-without-flinching type games... Weed em out, rather than allow the weeds in.
Iron- cheers for the advice, i think my RRT might be too busy but i will ask. Sniper clam down....its only cadets, i know where scuba is coming from.

yo monkey about lending some bodies on the day. what being cheap offering a cam net, shame on you.........
Guess the weight of the RSM?

Seriously, fill a bergin with all kit issued, weigh it, do a grid with diffrent weights, sell tickets with a prize for the closest weight.
Blow jobs from the cadets
fus-chic said:
blue_sophist said:
What's your lead time?
Support from local businesses = Tombola/Lucky Dip
Have you touched base with local Orgs like RBL?
i have about four weeks and a free reign
Good for you, your Majesty.

However, there should be a wealth of experience in fund-raising at your local RBL, ABF, RAFA ... whatever.

Avoid raffles like the plague ... people buy tickets ONCE. Tombola/Lucky Dip they keep coming back. But ... you need some decent prizes from locqal "supporters".

She and I do an RBL function every Christmas ... we started collecting for the Tombola in January this year. :roll:

Good luck ... PM for more if you wish.
fus-chic said:
cheers for that, not sure if the RSM would be to happy, a bit sensitive 8O
Who is IC this outfit? RSM ... get in there, NOW! Or find a better RSM.

Or, if you have tasteful young ladies, guess their weight. [No other numbers, I suggest!]
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