Functions test? on WHT


I have been reading through Matts 1, refreshing my WHT.

Can someone please explain the drill where after reassembly you ‘test the functioning of the weapon’?

Also, while I‘m showing my ignorance, when preparing for firing I oil the outside of the bolt carrier assembly and where the locking splines fit. Should I be oiling anywhere else?

Thanks in advance in case I get any sensible answers!


Hi PP,

Once you have assembled the weapon,

1. Ensure that the saftey catch is set to safe, draw the cocking lever fully to the rear,arrest and apply the the holding open catch.

2. Using the bolt realise catch allow the working parts to go forward.

3. Try to fire off the action with the safety catch applied.
if all ok,take of safety and fire of action.

4. Leave saftey catch off, draw cocking lever fully to the rear slowly,whilst you keep the trigger pulled to the rear,allow the cocking lever to move forward under control and hear the locking splines engage,remove finger from the trigger slowly and listern for the safe sear to engage.
if all ok fire off action and set change level to Automatic.

5. Draw cocking lever full to rear and allow working parts to move forward, look into the dust cover opening to check that the hammer as stay down,squezze the trigger and watch the hammer rise and strike the firing pin.

6. Also while at Auto.Keeping your finger on the trigger,draw cocking lever fully to rear and loose. the hammer should rise and strike firing pin.
if all ok
set change lever to R and apply safely catch and close ejection opening cover, If any probs report to your armoury staff

I hope this helps


But he does...

Everything I write is for a calculated reason - I have no sense of humour.

Do you realise all these replies are destracting me from my vital self training. Must turn computer off


picklepot said:

you my friend are what give the TA a bad image :oops:

picklepot said:
Also, while I‘m showing my ignorance, when preparing for firing I oil the outside of the bolt carrier assembly and where the locking splines fit. Should I be oiling anywhere else?

what sort of people issue weapons to this sort of mong??? :?

some skilly is going to be very busy in the near future!!


I would suggest you speak to your Sgt Major and ask to be put remedial weapon training for the forseeable future, at least until you are competant to hold a weapon and definately before you attend a range weekend. Bad drills cause accidents PLEASE take my advice!!

What a bunch of self righteous tossers, all experts are we ?

There is only one stupid question and that is the one that is never asked

Pickle see me at Chrimbo weekend, I'll take you through my weapon handling drills :p
Everyones an expert... and quite a lot of them still seem to fail WHT.

Even then they get on the range, shocking really.



Yes, thanks for that polar69, and for the offer of help (I think?) but I don’t have any problems with the WHT except what I posted above. I must say, I am grateful that I got one answer on here so quickly and I bought the relevant aide-memoire so now have the correct answer to my other question.

I would also like to point out, the TA recruit course (for other arms) lasts only 2 weeks, so the syllabus can’t cover every aspect of the regular course. I guess someone higher up than me decided how much of the weapons training is vital at that point and how much can be taught before getting called up for ops.

The functions test was not taught on the TA recruits course at Litchfield, or at Grantham. Neither I, nor my peers have ever been taught it, and it has never been part of any WHT I’ve taken to date. However training within the TA varies (with unit and over time), so if you’ve been lucky enough to have been taught it on your recruits course well, maybe I got taught something you didn’t and you haven’t even realised you're missing it yet? :D So there! :D


As a TA SAA instructor I had received no new info on drills until I was taught the function test at Chilwell, along with the new IA drill. New drills take a time to filter through to units. At least pickle had the balls to ask...........

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