Function photography for your Mess/ unit party

Afternoon all, with the kind permission of Evil_Adjutant I have been allowed to do myself a blatent plug!

I run a part time photography business, with my main emphasis on Military functions (bizarre that eh?)

I am based out of Fleet in Hampshire, mainly covering Aldershot garrison and the South East but I am willing to travel depending on function type (or if double booked for Fri/Sat night, Cpls mess & WO/ Sgts mess for example)

I provide an on-site studio with a choice of backdrops, white, black or themed (with enough notice)
We print on the night if required, with either cash payment on the night, or with prior arrangement we can allow mess members to sign for the photos and invoice the mess afterwards.
Your photos (6x9 inch) can be taken away on the night, or we can leave them in a box for the mess manager to distribute.
This I feel is much better than waiting for your photos to arrive before leave!

Recent happy customers include 10 Tpt Regt & 22 Field Hospital (at least I presume they were happy, no complaints)

For examples of what we can provide see SKMPhotography

IM me here or email through the link on the website

Many thanks for your time Ladies & Gents, fellow Arrsers:whew:
Evening People,
Dates are filling up now for December, weeknights are mainly free however, so I'm open to offers on Sqn/Coy level functions and the like.
(or even work/ office type parties for all you civvy types!)
Civvies on ARRSE? Never...
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