Function photographer needed !

Need a photographer for a Christmas function in Amesbury early December. Id prefer the type that comes equipped with the gubbins to print and sell the pics on the night. Any help appreciated. Cheers.


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I believe David Cameron may be able to give you a name.
P.M. View Profile: armr617 - British Army Forum if you want to make use of an ARRSEr.

Not used him myself, just seen his posts about it.

Plus, as an armourer, he'll be less likely to perv at your younger guests as he'll be to busy reading a Warcraft manual in between shots. :)
We are millitary photographers with over ten years experience of photographing millitary families and functions. We have all the latest digital equipment and are familiar with what is usually required to exicute the task successfully. Our prices are very competative without any compremise on quality.
Due to the fact it is a very busy period for Christmas funtions our availability regarding dates is paramount.
For further enquiries please contact Charles Parry on 0790-2257-338
Paul & Charles: Do you do framed prints with the natty titles?
I know that this is an older thread but I am currently putting together a network of photographers that specialise in this type of work - personally did my first one 30 years ago at AAC Harrogate as an apprentice for the Offrs Mess and now go round the country demonstrating and teaching what has now become known as Event Photography and of course I still cover a number of Mess Functions with all the gubbins and then some. I can personally vouch for armr617 as we have done a number of jobs together and done a job or 2 at Amesbury in the past.

So if you are involved in this type of work or interested in what it entails please get in contact - particularly interested in getting in contact with ex-mil phots.

Once the network is in place I would hope that we can advertise on ARRSE.
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