Fun with Pegs... the Challenge Starts...

Being a big kid I get immense glee from sticking pegs on people without their knowledge.

I've mentioned this on another thread but feel that this game is worthy of wider promulgation ( ie, get cracking on it you slackers. )

Photographic evidence required; a signed picture of Bing Crosby for the most creative / outrageous pegging...
Mortar PSI, Bayeux again ( hello Jock ) - on his collar... he is actually checking his top for pegs...

Some random French kid; smaller than me and a Frog so obvious target. This was some 20 minute after I'd pegged him at the Pegasus Bridge Museum, I laughed so much it hurt...

Outstanding, thats made me giggle my tits off.... was it a concious decision to take pegs to the pegasus bridge museum???

I'm workign in the county court tomorrow morning and have just slipped six pegs into my jacket pocket...

Bizarre things tickle different people, I take massive satisfaction from nicking remote controls from peoples houses when I visit clients.
I often take pegs when going away. Had some with me on the Lord Mayors' Parade, sadly, no real opportunity to deploy them...
Handsome Young Thruster...( Sir... )

Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy all year, please can I have some pegs for Christmas so I can be a bad boy next year.

Many Thanks

this is class everyone on arrse should start this.

i for one will be doing it. stand by for incoming.
Good drills,do you get bonus points for old bill,vicars ect?Nice to see its placcy peg's too,dont want any joe rikey's getting rich off of the new sport.
I'm going to find my trusty soldering iron and see if I can burn 'ARRSE' onto some wooden pegs for this...
Mr_Deputy said:
about 15 years ago this was the big thing at huge sea-side campsite i stayed at in SW France. It was like an 18-30 holiday in that everyone got to know everyone of same age and many big parties / copping off etc.

Being 17 this was the sort of thing which could make you laugh til the booze ran freely and unstoppable from your stomach out of your nose.

Everyone in the young people's sections of massive campsite (total around 10, 000 people capacity) from UK and Holland was into this. Us and Cloggies having the most similar sense of humour probably?

(Only us and Dutch saved camp from flooding during storms - engineering competition between us - and organised evening activities in big groups - other nations looked out for themselves!)

I think one night one arm and one leg of my shorts was covered in pegs, plus my hair. Very happy days and great memories. Pegs were also given as signs of affection or friendship.
You have Arms in your shorts :? Are you very small :wink:
I recall a similar game that involved inserting plastic teaspoons into epaulette rank slides (as worn by crabs); points scored were based upon the seniority of the victim, and how long the spoon remained before the victim noticed it.

I remember a senior officer visiting the sqn once, and asking why the Adjt had a spoon in each epaulette. He was much amused, and didn't give the game away. He could be seen discreetly checking for spoons on his own shoulders at regular intervals...
our version of this game is masking tape strips about 6 inches long,with the word fcukwit wrote on them with a black marker and then stick them on unsuspecting folk as they wonder about doing their work. The best one so far has been a MOD plod who came on site for a pee and a scoff in the canteen,he ended up with a fcukwit on the back of his dayglo jacket :)

must take some pegs in with me tommorrow and try them instead
Right just back from school run, got a classroom assistant with peg and was exfilling the area when some jack little Bastich grassed on me. Oh well back to work tomorrow.

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