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I’ve been getting my hands dirty with recruiting over the past week and have come to the conclusion that a laptop display in the middle of a highstreet or shopping centre is a good way to draw the public in and possibly turn them on to the idea of joining the TA/Regs/Cadets.

So far one of the recruiting aids we’ve been using is a slide show of photos depicting infantry skills, trade skills, and sporting events.

I want to start mixing in a few light hearted videos as I think these would be a better attention grabber than pictures alone.

I’ve found this video on ARRSE which I think would be brilliant for drawing the public into our recruiting stand but I want more.
Playing the same video over and over again would have a negative effect.
I want a few more videos of a similar style to the one above, I’ve been googling but haven’t found anything else suitable.

Can anyone out there help?

If I can get just two or three more videos, mixed in with the slide show I already have, and I’ll have a good attention grabber.
What about the guys jumping off the boat and into the quicksand?
I understand that you will probably be recruiting for a specific reg therfore a video of tanks would not be very helpful if you were trying to get intrest for an inf battalion.
These are all that I could find , hope some are of use, good luck with it anyways.

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tanky vid


I've got quite a few more on my laptop , but I can't find the sources or the webpage no longer exists . I will see if i can find a video upload site and will pop them on. If i can get this done i will drop you a pm or update this .


BAS - Thanks for those links, the first two are the kind of thing I’m looking for.

I’m recruiting for a REME TA unit specifically but I’ve found myself answering questions about joining the regs, cadets, and other cap badges.

I find that the public are fairly ignorant when it comes to the different roles within the army, so I’m not really looking for anything that screams REME.

I’m after anything with a bit of guns, tanks, explosions, and a bit of rock music in the background that will make 18yr olds walking past stop and think “cooool, I’d like to do that”.

There are some goods video clips on the TA recruiting DVD.

Could you please send me some videos, i am part of a TA recruiting team and would love to show some funnies to potential recruits


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