Fun Loving Yorkshire Lads

Seems that down in Barnsley, South Yorkshire the coppers have their hands full with a theft epidemic.. 100 wheelie/garbage bins were nicked over a two-week period.

the Plods warned locals to be on the lookout for suspicious characters who might exhibit intoxicated or mental illness-like behaviour..

seems that the latest craze is for the yoof of the area to nick a dumpster, set it on fire, then stick their heads into the billowing black smoke to get a 'hit' off the toxic petro-chemical emissions as the bin melts and smoulders.

Seems this toxic smoke inhalation gives them a high like sniffing glue or gasoline..and that there are illicit 'bin parties' with guys stumbling about sticking their bonces into smokey dumpsters for a bit of a whiff..

kind of makes squaddie night at the local seem pretty tame.. while I admit to having put my head in a dumpster once or twice, it was usually to add to the contents after one too many shrimp cocktail, not to drink in the aromas, which, if done inadvertently, usually made me continue the filling of the bin process..

what will the kids of today come up with next?

Bet this could open a new market for Shell and BP, though...

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