Fun games to enjoy irresponsibly with alcohol!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Morty, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Rustic Leg Smash. Canadian lumberjacks invented it, then me and me mates tw*tted em and claimed it as our own. Basically get drunk to the point of feeling numb, but just before the p!ssing yourself stage, stand toe to toe with an opponent and take turns to smash each others shins in with your own shin. It's great and makes you feel like a proper hard fooker in front of the girls who MUST be impressed.

    Post your own fun games to enjoy irresponsibly with alcohol.
  2. Driving my un-insured vauxhall nova into a group of children after I've downed twelve pints of snakebite.

    Just like you would do ...............chav cnut.
  3. Would you not appear more of a 'tough guy' if you and your 'mates' were to play this shins game without having had to be pissed up to the point of being completely numb?
  4. Or if they used machetes instead of shins. Shins! Fukcing shims more like.
  5. Sorry love, we wouldn't be impressed, we would just think your a tw*t
  6. As the medic that'd have to pick up the pieces I'd be pretty unimpressed too :(
  7. Point. But who in there right mind would play it if they weren't drunk??! It'd hurt a hell of a lot more!!
  8. OK, seein as that one went down like a lead sh!te, let me introduce you to it's evil, deformed twin: Ancient Ball Smash.

    ABS is best played alone, preferably severly intoxicated but, for the masochists amongst ya's, it's not compulsary.

    It simply involves gripping hold of the shaft of ones penis in a vice like grip and repeatedly smashing your fist into yon ball sack without letting go of the member. Hours of fun when the missus has the painters in or you've lost her someplace in your Nova SRI.
  9. Morty you need psychiatric help and quickly. You are one sick fcuk. :thumbdown:
  10. :roll: Oh God...
  11. Roger, out.
  12. Seriously, no one does this sh*t with their mates after a few drinks? :?
  13. yeah man all the time, there is also the other version were you coat your naggers in black treackle and dip it in red ants, then knock them off with a hammer??????glue bag!
  14. I think this point is valid for you as well!!! You are one sick puppy :D

  15. Round of Cow Tipping, anyone?