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Fun fun fun!

It'll be a bloody nightmare, you'll spend your life cleaning wax out of the breach and working parts. I have to wonder how long it took to get the video without the thing jaming. Rim fire 2.2 is a nightmare at automatic.

Yes, the upper is UK-legal - it has the same status as the various other magazine fed AR-15 .22rf semi-auto uppers (e.g. Cotswold Arms, Bremmer Arms etc), i.e. a Sec. 1 firearm. The only scenario when it would /not/ be legal would be if you have one of these uppers and a UK-legal straight-pull 5.56mm AR-15 built with a select-fire lower (which is entirely possible, but unlikely). Then you would have all the parts necessary to build a machine gun like the version in the video and would receive a visitation by Her Majesty's Multi-culturally aware finest...
stoatman said:
Her Majesty's Multi-culturally aware finest...
My brother is one of the above & believe me when I say he & his fellow Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigs would like nothing more than to take one of those little beauties on patrol & rid Southwark of its scum...

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