Fun Fares?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by zazabell_012, May 9, 2010.

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  1. Ok chaps, here's the problem. I have been reliably informed by family back home that one can prurchase what is known as a 'fun fare' from national Express for 1 pound! As I need to get from Heathrow to Wales in June I am currently attempting to get a ticket.

    Problem: every time I access the website they want to charge me full fare!

    Question: Are 'fun fares' available to only those who access the website from the UK, or are they available to people overseas?

    Ta Zaza
  2. If you read the small print it says you cannot buy a funfare to an airport. Nothing to do with overseas
  3. Thank you for your response l_l :D That solves a problem. Full fare it is then. The small print didn't eventuate this end.
  4. I know a young Social Care student in Bournemouth, who was telling me about Megabus, a while back:

    He told me he could travel long distances (can't remember where to? London? Cardiff?). I had a look at the website some months ago, and recall it not covering the journey I wanted. Might be worth a look?

    EDIT: Missed out that it costs £1 .... ish.
  5. Cheers boovy :D

    Will check it out tout suite.
  6. Brilliant guys :D

    I have my ticket......3 quid return London -Cardiff :D Thank you!

    May God bless Arrse and all who sail in her :D