FUMING with my pay problem

Ok. so my medical discharge date is the 4th april. I am owed some money abck from the army which i have been chasing for nearly a year now. My c/c said that she would sort it as nothing was on the system, and that it would be in my account on the 14th feb. As i am on my resettlement i am not at the camp all the time. Come the 14th my money still was not in. I had to travel near 4LSR for a briefing last friday so i went to the camp to see if i could sort it. My sqn was away on two weeks standown, and the clerk that was meant to be standing in for her was not there (lights off and offices locked) so off i went to RHQ to see if anybody there could help me. The office was emtpy and the answer i was given was everybody is away, you will need to see them when your sqn is back. So i thought i would try the welfare officer, answer give...this is the wellfare office not the pay office. Next port of call the AFPAA, asked if they could help, answer given.......as you are not out until the 4th april you will need to go back to your c/c as we can not give that information out as you are technically still serving. Round and round in circles. Some of the money i am owed is going towards my resettlement course and i am getting no help as to my own pay. If anybody could help with this matter id be most gratefull. :pissedoff:
What does the army owe you money for? If you have not received it in the bank by now then it is likely that it should generate a "suplimentary" pay statement for next month in which case IF everything has been actioned then this should happen!

Good luck
If you have been incorrectly charged for food for 8 months then it should be simple. Your Sqn/Bty/Coy Clerk should cease food charges from whatever day it was and hey presto the rebate should appear the next month. As for tax, not quite sure there mate but a quick call to your Tax Office may help ;;; Google "Inland revenue Ty glas house" Sounds like the RAO staff havn't been too helpfull matey!!
No they ahvent been helpfull at all, and the fact that they have said on several occasions that it would be in and it hasnt materialised is really starting to fcuk me off. And now i cant do anything until they are back from standown.
The AFPAA are quite right in telling you they can't deal with you until you are discharged. This is a unit problem. If there is no one in your unit then you need to go up the chain of command through the SPS branch. Good luck!

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