Fuming this is disgusting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Drone_pilot, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Prison officers face disciplinary action for organising Poppy Day collection

    Two prison officers face disciplinary action for collecting money for a
    Remembrance Sunday tribute.

    Steve Baines and Paul Leigh, warders at Walton Jail in Liverpool, have
    been warned they are in breach of prison rules because of the £400 staff
    whip round.

    Traditionally the prison has paid for a wreath to be laid at Liverpool's
    Remembrance service at St John's Gardens by uniformed off duty officers.

    Officers and prisoners died when the prison was bombed in World War II.

    Daily Mail Read More
  2. I wrote fuming in the subject as if i wrote what i realy feel i would have recived an instant ban
  3. The mind boggles!

    I hope the lads stand their ground and good luck to them.
  4. FFS!!

    Gobsmacked! I cannot believe that the Prison service will only be laying one solitary wreath.
  5. Disgusting. I've also heard a rumour that a central London University has banned the wearing of poppys. Not 100% on this, but that to, if true, is disgusting.
  6. Wouldn't ban me.
  7. Is anyone here outraged?
  8. I might be, but I'm just cranking up the outrage generator... I'll get back to you on that one...
  9. I am extremely outraged. I have just sh@t my pants in fury.

    Do I win?
  10. Banned from wearing a Poppy?

    I ain't in Civvie strasse yet, but this callsign will not be banned. And if anyone says anything, I will wear MORE poppies.

    I have never wanted to be a civvie more in my life.

    Ha haha hahhahahahah (laughs manically).

    Seriously, someone needs a slap for this. And it isn't the two lads who raised £400. Well done to them for raising the money.
  11. I'm outrageously outraged.... If I were any more outraged I'd be enraged and positivley raging
  12. WTF is this country coming to! Its a disgrace
  13. Can you send them to me please?
  14. I'd defy anyone to stop me wearing a poppy anywhere that I wanted. I always wonder who gives these people the right to lay down these sorts of rules. Were I a member of the POA I'd be sure thyat every prison had a whip round to buy a poppy wreath for the local cenptaph and name all the prison officers as organisers. Let them sort that out.
  15. I'm so furious, I just had to run out into the street and punch a small child in the face....................twice!