Fulwood Barracks

Looking at possible postings and Fulwood is on the list, we're trying to work out the pros/cons of said posting and since Carrillion Amey have taken over allocations they are less than helpful on the housing front, can anyone tell me where the SFA's for Fulwood are.

Thank you in advance.

Fulwood is a Victorian stone-built barracks. I'm surprised it's been kept in the MOD estate, to be honest. I first went there 30 years ago, and it looked like it hadn't had much investment then. It was HQ NW District, and not a lot else. I understand there's a Med Regt there now, so I assume there's been some investment. Seemed like a reasonable part of town, if minor Lancashire towns are your thing. From a military perspective, I imagine it's a bit of a sleepy hollow.

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