Fulton. Churchills speech. 60 years.

.....mistrust of Moscow was reinforced by the Russian army's excesses in Chechnya, the Putin government's efforts to influence the political future of Ukraine, and the energy crisis early this year when Russia abruptly cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.....
Looks like Russia is exerting unwanted influence on its surrounding neighbours and has an authoritarian leader who intends to retain absolute power, no matter the cost (Mikhail Khodorkovsky anyone). http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4360688.stm

So what has changed exactly?
What like in Chechnya? :twisted:
Well, they'd take trhe view that after them getting their independence in the First Chechen War (well, first of modern times) they supported attacks on our territory.

Sauce for the Goose and all that...
There is an interesting question in this context:

Should the West reinitiate Cold war?

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