Fullbore rifle course

I am currently on the Y list and have been told to apply for Adv Trg courses ( I shit you not)

I used to be based up at Strensall next to TAG (UK) and one of the SASC Warrant Officers got me interested in Full Bore Rifle shooting.

I am basically after the details for the 1 week course that is run by the services each year (If I havent missed it already) as I would like to apply. Despite being on the Y list, most things are still within my ability as long as they dont involve me leaping like a crippled Gazelle..

many thanks for your help in advance


Anyone still serving able to give advice?

Bit new to all this and a bit drunk. Follow the link below for TR begginers courses and how to go about getting on it. Any problems PM me and I will get you involved with TR.


10. Aim. To introduce students to Fullbore Target Rifle (TR) shooting and to teach them the basic skills required to participate in competition shooting. Students are awarded a civilian National Governing Body qualification.
11. Eligibility. The course is open to all ranks of the Regular Army and others as listed in the Course Vacancies paragraph. Students bringing their own rifles are required to produce a valid FAC.
12. Start Standards. Experience in TR, Service Rifle (SR), Sniping or Small-bore Target Rifle shooting (SB) would be an advantage but it is not essential.
13. Costs. Met by the ARA, less the following:
(1) £30.00 Joining Fee
(2) £10 for target markers.
(3) Refreshments and personal expenditure.
14. Capacity. 12 students.
15. Dates. 7/8 Oct 08 at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley.


A bit limiting if you need an fac and your own weapon, kind of limits the introduction to the sport course to those already involved doesnt it?
Do they run one for novices?
The IJLB SASC QMSI in 1981 took the remedial shooters who were really bad and turned them into the Bn shooting team. They did really well, amazing what good coaching does!
I think it means that you CAN bring your own rifle if you have one.


Oops well spotted!
I am basically after the details for the 1 week course that is run by the services each year (If I havent missed it already) as I would like to apply.
So far as I am aware the ARA don't run a one week course. There is a two day basic skills course on 7/8 Oct 08 and a two day club instructors course which you have missed, it was on 15/16 Mar 08.

However, the cadet training centre at Frimley Park do run one week courses which cover basic skills and club instructors skills, including coaching. They run them twice a year and the next one runs from 22nd to 27th march 09.

Since the ARA courses are open to ACF adults I would guess that you would be welcome on the Frimley course. Some of the instructors are seriously good full bore shooters of international repute, all ACF officers/adults though.

I did the course last year and learnt a great deal.

See here http://www.ctcfrimleypark.army.org.uk/course_dates.asp

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