Full Veil ban extended

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The Belgians have implemented a law that bans women from wearing the full Islamic veil in public. This is the second European Union nation after France to enforce such a ban. Offenders face a fine of 137.5 euros (£121; $197) and up to seven days in jail.


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I really think women are being bullied into wearing these things and we should also ban them.
agreed. I've never heard an explanation for the veil that actually rang true...unless you just want to oppress women, that is.
Have you seen the state of some women? Full face veil should be the absolute MINIMUM. Compulsary. Along with some wriggly tin and a low level entanglement around their low level entanglement, just so's no poor, unsuspecting inebriate gets blinded by clunge and ends up waking up next to one of 'em.

Bah, beat me to it.
I nearly got run over by a woman driving a car wearing one. Or it was a ninja. But it seems a bit dangerous if the field of vision is restricted....
Ain't nothing in the koran about Ninja's. Its nothing more than a misogynist creation.
The reason I did nothing was simply that I knew I would be wasting my time. The Old Bill would have ignored it. Or worse.... "Could you identify her from this lineup Mr Morsk.....?" cnuts.
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