Full Tour To Qualify For A Medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by phil37, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Just completed a 2nd 7 month tour of Afghan.
    During the tour, a succession of officers deployed for roughly 1 month - for some, their first tour.
    They brought the bare minimum of kit and stayed in Bastion.
    They will be presented with the same medal as those who were in forward positions.
    Doesn't seem right.
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  2. Suck it up cup-cake.

    Though I am inclined to agree with you, it is what it is, and there's no point in crying about it.

    You know you've earned yours, they know they didn't really earn there's.

  3. And during your time on tour there will have been SF that have lived off goat-shit for months on end and taken lives with garrotting wires fashioned from their pubes - is it fair that you get the same medal as them?
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  4. its not right but lifes a bastard then there's death
  5. Its been the same since military bling was invented.
  6. Only the man who wears it knows what the medal is worth :)
  7. Yep, we whinged the same when the cooks..sorry Chefs, got the NI GSM for destroying perfectly good food while we manned an OP in a stream in XMG for 3 feckin weeks while wearing puttees and KF Shirts, or for when the Band and Bugles showed up for the minimum 28 days.

    IIRC,they brought out the rosette for the FI one to show a difference i think?....but really, who gives a feck?

    As already said, you get the same one as the SF Boys who've been hiding in a hollowed out sheep for months, drinking the blood of camel spiders for rations...it's the deep, deep undercover ones disguised as Terry's flip flop or as a dancing boy that I feel sorry for.

    They should give them a GSM the size of a dustbin lid with a ribbon made from neon flashing lights.
  8. I didn't think SF types got a medal. Just a newer roll of black and nasty.
  9. on the other side, doesnt it make you wish that you had tried harder at school, done a degree and gone through the chappie factory,
    then you too could have spent only 30 days sunbathing in bastion rather than having to live like a pikey for 6 months in a FOB.
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  10. I'd rather have my pride.
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  11. Read and weep...

    Complex criteria govern the award of this medal, with varying lengths of service required depending on the operation and location. To qualify for award of the Medal with Clasp, personnel must have served in Afghanistan for either 5, 21 or 30 days continuous service between various dates depending on the operation, between 11 September 2001 – 1 August 2002 for Ops Jacana and Bandog, or to a date to be decided for Ops Veritas, Fingal and Landman.
    Service of varying lengths depending on the operation on Ops Landman, Veritas, Oracle, Ramson or Damien in other Middle East countries during certain specific dates will qualify for the OSM for Afghanistan without clasp. SPECIFICALLY:

    Operation Maidenly 1 day 15 Jul 2000
    Operation Barras 1 day 10 Sep 2000.

    21 days continuous in Afghanistan 11 Sep 2001 to 28 Feb 2002.
    30 days in Afghanistan 1 Mar 2002 to a date to be decided.
    Or for those on Operations Bleed, Determ, Scow, Damien or Lava
    5 days continuous or one sortie 11 Sep 2001 to 28 Feb 2002.
    21 days from 1 Mar 2002 to a date to be decided.
    OR for aircrew in numerous designated places ranging round Mombasa, Diego Garcia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, The Gulf and Uzbekistan.
    21 days and 6 sorties into or over Afghanistan from 11 Sep 2001 to 28 Feb 2002.
    30 days and 8 sorties into or over Afghanistan from 1 Mar 2002 to a date to be decided.

    So..some folk got it for 1 day, the RAF got it for a few hours in some cases whilst others had to do 30 days slogging it out on the ground!

    Some folk did not even have to set foot in the place of all hope and joy!
  12. Operational experience and Dits are worth more than the medal itself, after 14 Months I'm sure you will have more than the Orrifers you mentioned!
  13. Blinder!.....I want the one sortie (11/9/2001 - 28/2/2002) version, flying in from Saudi, bombing a derelict Rooski T55 and then coming home in time for drinks in the Mess.....I'd keep it extra shiney too.

    Luckily , I got mine the easy way by spending the best part of 7 months at the sharp end sweating my nads off, ducking at whizzy things and playing hop scotch aka Name that leg.....none of that terribly dangerous 6 hours of
    flying lark for me.
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  14. Listen pal, it wasn't all fun for the pilots you know. I have it on good authority that some had to downgrade to 2* hotels for nearly their whole tour.
  15. Yes, one pilot had to have juice from concentrate not fresh.
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