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Has anyone ever lived off working at their TAC full time during the week? I was hoping to stay with my squadron, finish my recruit training and get mobilised then come back and go into the regs, but without any work I'm having to change that and leave my squadron without giving anything back first and go to the regs. I can go and work in a bar job (as I used to do) but it restricts my time for Tuesday nights and weekends, also the late working hours nackered me out and of course the free booze from my boss was, while very much appreciated, a bit of a curse with my fitness.
It would depend entirely on your PSAO. as a Pte, you'd be rather inexpensive to employ, even with the current restrictions on MTD's.

That being said, they will only employ you when they have work for you to do. if you have a BOO, LSI or ECI looming on the horizon i'd say your chances are quite high, aslong as you dont mind scraping the rust off spare wheels and cleaning wpns all day...

DS answer, speak to your PSAO.
Go and stack shelves at Tesco, I imagine the hours will be flexible and you'll get more than TA private pay pro rata. If you think your end state is going reg, then why not just go reg now? I am sure that most here would agree that full time TA is a fundamentally bad idea. Too return to a common theme this is all non-pensionable service you will be racking up. Why bother? Besides, would you want to rely on TA pay for necessities?
I did that for a few years, going on all sort of fun courses and exercises to fun places.

I think it is a lot more restriced now, as the funds just are not there, and there is also the added call of if you have that amount of time then go and get some sand time in.

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