Full time TA vrs Civilian wage

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. TA pays more and I've voluntarily mobilised

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  2. Civvie employer pays more and I've voluntarily mobilised

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  3. TA pays more and I've not voluntarily mobilised

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  4. Civvie employer pays more and I've not voluntarily mobilised

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  5. TA pays more and I've mobilised (compulsary)

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  6. Civvie employer pays more and I've mobilised (compulsary)

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  1. Talking at work the other day about a sacked employee and I came out with 'he'll be on more money won't he' to which the ex-regulars I was talking with agreed. At work their seems to a direct link to those on low pay have mobilised and those on higher pay who haven't. I suspect a large proportion don't follow this trend .....

    (note survey says voluntarily not compulsary)

    Roughly annual full time TA wages:

    Lt Col - 60K
    Maj - 44K
    Capt - 34K
    Lt - 27K
    2nd Lt - 22K

    WO1 - 39K
    WO2 -37
    SSgt - 34K
    Sgt - 30K
    Cpl - 25K
    LCpl - 16K
    Pte - 12k
  2. When I mobilsed I was getting more than twice what I would have earned civvy wise s wasn't complaining too much!
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I mobilised on the same tour (Telic 4) as FFbox and it was different for me
    I effectivly volunteerd for a compulsary call up (new voting button please)
    On arriving at Chillwel I was allowed to appeal against my troopers wage
    At Grantham I found that I was allowed to earn up to a full screws wage max £22000 p/a
    My basic wage is £23500 p/a plus £9000 shift pay (24/7 cover which the army don't count what with Iraq being strictly 0900- 1700 Mon - Fri plus lunch) plus bonuses and overtime (6.5k this year)
    Unless (and I think it has been changed) I could prove extreme hardship that was the best I could get
    I never thought about trying to get out of it I just took the hit
    I think all in iearned 18K in about 11 months

    On my return the taxman wrote to me to tell me that my tax code had been mucked up at Chilwell/ Glasgow/ Windsor and I hadn't paid enough tax
    Could I kindly pay them £1000 from year 2007 - 2008 wages and as a punishment my tax code will be lowered
    I appealed ( as did some people in our wages dept which slowed the process right up) stating I didn't have anything to do with the change in tax code but to no avail
    I'm actually in the position of having to watch my overtime now incase I fall into the 40% tax bracket and leave me well short per month

    FFBox will tell you I had a ball and have no regrets (I still saved thanks to being on the Al Ammarah diet)
    Would I go again
    You bet your b0llacks if I could find a way to get to AFG I would be off like a shot :wink:
  4. you came back half the man you were, but it for the good.
    I too would go to AFG if I could but at the moment needs must and a solicitor to support!
  5. i have also had my tax code messed around by going on tour every time i go awaay this happens i have had the tax office change my code this year for an underpayment of tax from coming home from telic in 2004 i cant believe 4years have pasat before this has happened???

    the boy surup did you manage to solve y ou tax problem would apreciate any advice on how you mange to sort this problem please PM me.


  6. msr

    msr LE

    Only earnings over the tax threshold are subject to the higher rate, not the whole lot.

  7. Which for me, is all my TA pay :( So I get paid around 15% less than others of my rank
  8. I'm in that club too polar, I never think about it really though. Thank goodness the bounty is tax free, although maybe I should keep quiet as we don't want to give this government any ideas!
  9. When I go through Chilwell and they hand me the tax change form, I score through it with double lines, write "Not Applicable" and sign and date it. They get cross if you don't sign and date it.