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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Cutsy, May 30, 2006.

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  1. [/b]I'm a T.A infantry soldier, ex reg and all that, looking to sign up to an FTRS engagement. What I'm wanting to know is the following; I intend to live out and travel to my intended unit on a daily basis by car. Would I be entitled to mileage allowence to assist with this? I believe the regulars can get this.

    Please reply as it's quite difficult to get a straight answer on this issue


  2. Thanks for that link Shaka,

    Problem is with this it only states that I cannot claim reserves travel expenses - as if I was going from home to the TA centre, for example. It doesn't however state how I would stand as a full time reservist. I hope I've not misinterpreted this rule!! Any further thoughts/advice on this are welcome.
  3. Cutsy the straight answer is no you will not be able to claim.Remember that FTRS is a cheaper method for MOD to fill slots.There are a number of areas that you dont enjoy the same benefits/allowances as your regular counterparts.Eg unless you are Full Committment (FC) you are not allowed access to medical and dental facilities.
  4. Cutsy,

    I asume you will be FTRS (HC) - in which case as shaka says you will not be entitled to Med/Dental except in emergency and you will not be entitled to any form of home to duty travel payment (this is the case for all forms of FTRS) All this info is in TA regs - your PSAO or AO should be able to dig it out for you, failing that speak to the RAOWO or RAO. Failing that you are welcome to PM me for more info.
  5. Not quite right. Most of it is in DCI 74/04. - link on the APC FTRS website. Note also that the DCI section on allowances starts quite positively by stating that you can claim any allowance a regular in a similar situation could before it lists the ones you cannot claim - RILOR being the important one for you. That said a careful examination of current allowances and a willingness to go into bat with the RAO office while armed with the DCI and a copy of relevant bits of the RAAC may pay dividends. No use to you but spare SLA, occupied "with the COs permission" seems quite normal - 1/2 dozen of us in the mess here.

    In practise HC is a penny pinching nonsense. No med cover except in emergency ? Right, my GP is 450 miles away and I have this nasty rash.... Not sure that the few FTRS HC posts would actually make that much of an impact on the medcen....

    Make the lot of us FC , fully deployable and the "stable" post can defend itself when the trawl for Telic 24/7 comes round.... In practise I bet we are a cheaper option, long term, than employing MSF civil servants on long contracts.
  6. The whole FTRS policy and administration leaves a great deal to be desired. It deters would be users of what is a scheme that provides great value for money and results for the armed forces. Person or persons unknown in APC need a good kick up the Arrse.
  7. APC just administers it - Who wrote the policy ? I agree the whole thing is an obvious attempt to penny pinch. What a great way to motivate people. The really daft thing is that it actually reduces the available pool of deployable people. Bite the bullet, make all FTRS fully deployable.
  8. Trossacks which part is "not quite right"? DCI 74/04 cannot be an authority as DCIs were automatically cancelled after a year! - TA regulations is the authoritative document!

  9. Cheers for all the posts guys

    You know I've looked through the FTRS trawl each Friday on the Army website and some of the jobs seem very attractive, i.e I saw a nice one recently for a 2-3 year posting at LWC in Warminster until I read the small print. Although it was a full commitment(FC)there was no assistance with petrol costs to work, no chance of promotion - these are things that matter when you see your regular peers eligible to such benefits. All we want in a nutshell, is exactly the same benefits as a regular, nothing more, to do the same job. FTRS could be a great system beneficial to both reservist and the army but at the moment it is poorly marketed at TAC level, APC are not especially informed and/or helpful when you ring to enquire about the specifics of a post and you are kind of 'second class' by virtue of the benefits deficit!
  10. See your PMs - There is a route for FTRS to get travel - but I had a helluva fight to get it and frankly I'm fearful that it could be taken away again by "Policy Dictat" from above...

    Yes, the DCI is superceded now, I'll find the newer version - but that was what "they" were using as the authority last year - and its still quoted as the authority on the FTRS website. TA Regs does not provide the detail of FTRS Terms and Conditions that are covered in the DCI and its revision.
  11. PMs???? - not seen!
  12. Sorry. 1st one seems to have got lost - another on its way....
  13. [quote="Cutsy you are kind of 'second class' by virtue of the benefits deficit![/quote]

    Could be worse. C2 ( Major equivalent) MSF posts ( The old RO2 posts basically) have a starting salery of about £27k - and there are retired full Colonels taking them. Now that is taking the mickey.

    My recipe for the civil service ? Cut it in half but double the pay. More efficient all round !