Full Time, Part Time Work

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by crapper, Dec 10, 2002.

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  1. :mad: Apparently you regular types are a bit thin on the ground and need some help from the STABs. So HM has invented FTRS so that a non reg chap can sign up for a period of time and do some real military work. Except the desk in Glasgow that is supposed to run this wonderful scheme is run by an ex dentist fella who does not know much and does not possess a list of the jobs available. Oh Dear and MS was so proud of allthis. And there is something called Home Commitment for lazy blokes that does not get the X factor or other good stuff that an ARAB would get. So if a reg chap is sent to a non deployable HQ he is docked the X factor!!?? I should cocoa!! Seriously this whole thing is there to help out with the 110 SO2 posts the Army can't fill. It needs sorting
  2. Crapper, do you need to do some research or wot? The Ex dentist may show your cap badge. Get hold of the DCI, talk to someone who knows & understands FTRS and for C****t's sake, drop the references to STABS or ARABS or you trully deserve all you get!