Full Time Education and the Army.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LeSAUSAGE, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. I have found this degree course at my local university that I would really like to do! The degree (LLB) is only 2 years long as opposed to the normal 3 years! It is recognised by all the relevant bodies! Basically you work through your holidays to shorten the course time.

    The probem is I dont want to leave the army and if I do it by distance learning it will take me 6+ years to complete. Op Tours would make distance learning a more difficult option aswell! Im not saying impossible, just difficult!

    I have heard of Officers being allowed to remain in the Army while persuing professional qualifications and at the end of the study period working for the Army for X many years pay back. Could I do something like this? And could I also use ELC's to pay for the course.

    Thank you for any good advice in advance!
  2. Yes as long as the provider is registered with ELCAS. Check the ELC website for details and with your AEC for the correct procedure. Can't help with the career break but no harm in asking.
  3. Do you have any ideas, who would be best to ask about the career break? Line Managers etc might not have the specialist knowledge in this area after all!

    Thanks pal
  4. I've heard that you can take a two-year sabatical. (Of course it will be unpaid and wn't count as colour service, you would just have the two years off and start from where you were.
  5. I have gone through the distance learning LL:B route while serving and I think you will find that a well-respected LL:B by distance learning will take rather less time than you might think!

    You can complete it in three years or as little as two years if you take the graduate route here.

    LL:B by distance learning has come a long way over the last couple of years. The days of being limited to a textbook and casebook are long gone and most, if not all of the material you need is accessible through an Athens account into areas such as LEXIS/NEXIS, Westlaw, Justis and so on as well as an entirely new world of externally available material and revision courses by providers such as SPR/Consilio.

    You have absolutely no need to leave the Army or to find a second mortgage in fees for a full-time course.
  6. I've recently started a WBLD (Work Based Learning Degree) with Lincoln University. Due to previous learning I could got it down to two years. You get access to online libraries, they can send books to BFPO and the tutor is on the end of a phone or email. Any books they are out of stock with the Army Library Service usually has. With ELC the course cost me £240 for the two years and I still work as normal (or what passes for work anyway). I reckon this a good route to go down, depending on what course you want to do.
  7. Thanks for the info! 2years unpaid ouch!

    Will check out the other stuff sounds good.

    Thanks again.