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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Draft Dodger, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. How do i become one of these again? i've already spoken to my OC so they know that i want to, is it just a case of handing my kit in? will i be discharged straight away or do you stay on the books until your period of enlistment is over (think mine is in a year or so)?
  2. if your unit is short of numbers they will tell you you've been discharged and fudge the books..... damn, I'm cynical this morning
    In most cases kit in will mean your out
  3. happy days, just need to get my arse in gear and get a list of my personal holdings, then find out how much i'm going to be billed
  4. one other thing, do you then go onto a reserves list like the regs? i knew a few guys who got called up the same time as me for telic, one of them had only been out for 18 months!

    not that i'm particularly worried, i reckon we'll avoid boots on the ground for a bit
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Once you leave the TA you have no call-out liability whatsoever.

    This is the case unless you have either a previous call-out liability (Ex-regular service) which would continue, or you agree to go on one of the Reserve lists (such as RARO).
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  6. i've always been TA so thats not a problem, dont think i'll put myself down RARO as i dont really fancy going to libya!
  7. p.p.s. do you get any sort of formal dscharge papers or do you just fade to grey? just curious, the leaving proceedure doesnt really seem to be a proceedure :)
  8. When I left the UOTC (in 2003, mind), I got a photocopied "Certificate of Service", which pretty well just had name, number and attestation/discharge dates on it. Dunno if they still do that though.
  9. like i said, just curious really. you dont really hear of people leaving the TA, they always just kind of fade and you never see them again
  10. msr

    msr LE

    From TA Regs:

    a. Cause of Discharge - At Own Request. (See also Annex J/5.)
    b. The competent military authority to authorize discharge is the commanding officer.
    c. Applies to those who take their discharge before completing this period of engagement and cannot be discharged under any other heading. This is subject to the conditions stated in Section 16(4) of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 (i.e. 3 months notice is given in writing to the commanding officer, unless the commanding officer dispenses with this requirement).
    d. While a Call-Out Order under Sections 52 or 54 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 is in force if the powers of Section 17(4) RFA 96 have been invoked, soldiers are no longer entitled to discharge under this paragraph and applications may be rejected.


    Valedictory Letter
    5.216A. Any soldier who is discharged having completed 6 years unbroken voluntary service in the TA is, subject to his commanding officer’s recommendation, eligible for a valedictory letter signed by the Adjutant General. Before a soldier is finally discharged from the TA, his commanding officer is to ascertain whether he is eligible for a valedictory letter. If so, and if he is prepared to recommend the soldier for a valedictory letter, he is to inform the soldier, complete the proforma at Annex I/5 and forward it to MS Reserves APC. If the soldier is otherwise eligible but is not recommended by his commanding officer, the Certificate at Annex I/5 is to be endorsed accordingly and despatched to Col MS Reserves APC for retention with the soldier’s original attestation.
  11. hang on, so i wont be carried through the streets on the shoulders of the CO/RSM whilst the pipe band march behind me and the jocks throw rose pettals on the ground in front?

    i hate the army
  12. Not really but you may get the rest of the unit shouting "seeya yer waster!" when they see you in town
  13. :) that happens already
  14. WAH! just saw your join date. Renni? JR5th?
  15. googled "how to get out of the TA" or something then found this place