full spec SA80A1 for sale.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DrStealth, Feb 16, 2012.

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  2. You do know that the A1 is worth about £350 new?

    If it was an A2, then I can see why you value you it as you do. Then again, that's only a grand, new!...7k...mental!!
  3. It's gonna have a limited market here but the deacts go for upwards of £3500.
  4. Really? For that collection of crappy welds and ill fitting metal? Really?
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  5. That would be a steal if you could get it over here under a class 3 import. Bush banned that rifle from import in 89. There are only a handful in our country that were sent in demilled or receiver cut by torch to disable it. A parts kit. Then the licensed mfg. had to build their own receiver and have it registered as a class three automatic assault rifle.

    You have to be really rich to have automatics here but it's done all the time. You really have to set up shop.

    It would be nice to see this in a sporting semi-automatic version over here. It's a great little bull pup.

    Thanks for the gun porn.
  6. Do you have a banjo?
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  7. Surely that's just beer-goggles - too much bourbon?
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  8. yeh, I think its bloody expensive too, it belongs to a collector I know whos selling up a lot of his stuff. its the rarity of them in civvy ownership that fetch the top dollar.

    there has been whispers from that particular well known gun maker, who hold the rights to making the SA80 for the brit MOD, that there may be a new production run of recievers made........ one of the little whispers mentioned a civvy semi only model for the US market.
    theres other posters on here who would know for sure.............
  9. Wasn't there a single shot police version a while back?
  10. so i was told, as part of a new series for mil, cops and civvys. hope theres truth to it.
  11. Thought the cadets were going to get it too - would have made sense and saved money...

    ...Oh, hang on - I see a flaw there, lets have lots of different designs instead! :)
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  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Wasn't there a rumour that some A2s had made their way into private hands via Pakistan?
  13. no rumour, a pakistan gun collector posted pics of his SA80A2 on a US gun forum, saying he paid about $12k US for it, after being pointed out that the only way he could have got it was via afgan, ie stolen or battlefield pick-up, and illegally exported from afganistan and illegally imported to pakistan by taliban traffickers, supporters or ilk, and that a big chunk of the money he paid for it would end-up buying stuff to throw and shoot at the coalition forces, he strangly pulled all the pics, edited his posts and disappeared............

    a few folk posted his details and pics of the illegal weapon to the paki cops, they seemed interested.

  14. ...and there was a massive thread on here about it.
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  15. I have a thing for bullpup designed rifles. Not sure why. Must be from all the SCI-FI crap growing up. Not as beautiful as a Winchester shotgun in walnut, but it sure looks sexy!