Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by BIPOLAR77, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Class, got to hand it to them though, would probably fool your average civi.
  2. That is ace!
  3. That stamp just says 'serviced Friday PM when the boss and everyone else has beggered off and you're short of a few quid for the weekend', hence it's fooked. Put some really heavy oil in it, a big wing on the boot, and some of those Halfords neon washer jet thingies then flog it on Ebay to some pimply-faced pubescent chav.
  4. Steer well clear from that heap of junk. Far better some acne faced oink, in a back street garage performs the service, rather than a fine upstanding member of HM forces carry out the task.
    I've been the victim of bad servicing and now do my own. So much for helping the local economy.
  5. Brilliant! I admit I stamp up my own book too when I'm servicing my truck, although I have no intention of selling the thing. I simple do it so I can reference the last time I did the damn thing.
  6. Forget the Army service history - why on earth would you buy one of those things anyway???
  7. Cheap to run and insure, easy to repair, worth a few grand when repaired.

    5 seats nice driving position, nippy, excellent inner city and urban driving.

    Are you after one?