Full Metal Jacket-RCT?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by sawdogxix, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. At work yesterday and someone shot off a line from this film "I didn't realize they stacked shit that high" and one of the office wallah's says that her husband must've watched it 20 times or so and knew all the dialogue etc. This got me thinking back in time to the late 80's, a year or so after the film's release, when i was stationed in Londonderry and we were having problems keeping APV's upright, and so RCT drivers were brought in to drive for us. Talking to one of these lads, he said that part of this film was filmed at the RCT training depot and that some recruits were used as extras, specifically the bit where the drill sergeant is talking about marksmanship and Lee Harvey Oswald being an ex marine, I was also led to believe that the fighting scenes in the film were done on the 'isle of dogs?' Were any arrsers at the RCT depot mid to late 80's and can confirm this? thanks.
  2. I can go one better.

    I was the Gook Sniper at the end.
  3. Of course you were. :D :D :D

  4. watch out for the "prime alabama black snake" ooo-er!! too beaucoup!!
  5. Yes I was him too.

    And the Gook Pimp.

    It was a busy time!
  6. Wasn't is filmed at ATR Bassinbourn?

  7. Bassingbourne for the first half, Beckton - East London for the second half. The helicopters were Crab Wessex HC2's.
  8. Not as busy as it was for Morrisey, whilst leading the Smiths up the charts, he was also spraying his M60 up Hamburger Hill!
  9. Callum. Correct. Filmed at Bass.

    I know, I was in it. :D

    I still have a yank tin lid I 'borrowed' after filming. :roll:
  10. I remember it well. Something to do with running over one of our own blokes. Resulted in RCT/RLC driving APCs from then on. When will it happen in the 'Stan?

    Difference is that we won't have the manpower like we had for NI.
  11. Yes bubbles, a mixture of youth, adrenaline, 3.5 V8, top heavy vehicle and sh*t brakes, was a tw*t if you were the top cover when it rolled, no serious injuries in my mob though thank fcuk!!
  12. We took over in W Belfast in the late 80s and I seem to remember the outgoing mob losing a chap who was top cover when one rolled. I think it was just off the Crum Rd roundabout?
  13. The Basic phase of Full Metal Jacket was filmed at Bassingbourn, Depot Queens Division as it was then (Around 87?). A Recruit Platoon was taken out of training, dressed in 60s US utilities and given M14s to run around with for a few weeks. The Platoons were made up of Anglians, Fusiliers, Queens and Pioneer Corps. Also on the perimeter track there was a movie set of a Nam checkpoint (complete with palm trees in skips)

    The helis used were not RAF, but Bristows-owned and operated Westland Wessex. This wasn't as crap as many people thought, as the Marines in Vietnam used the Sikorsky Choctaw as their UH. The Wessex is basically an up-engined Choctaw with a big chin! One continuity error on the movie was the flight sequence. The action is going on in a Wessex, but the shadow zipping across the paddy fields is of a Bell Jet Ranger.

    Around the same time a couple of music videos were filmed in the drill hangars. Don't ask me which ones, I can't remember!
  14. Didn't the producers leave that lovely assault course there for the lads to play with after filming was done ??
  15. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Yep, and only recently been declared unuseable.
    When you watch the film, the ski slope can be seen in the background shots of some sequences, as can the hangars that still stand. And, if one sequence is slowed slightly, the windows to my office can be seen!