Full Metal Jacket - British training?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Firthy556, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. Now posting this in the naafi may just be asking to get flamed but here goes.

    Now watching FMJ and wondering if some things actually transfer over to british training, now I know it's firstly American, old and over the top but do the British for example:

    Sing along or chant with the instructor on runs etc
    Sleep with their rifle (stupid one I know)
    Encourage to give their rifle a name (another stupid one but you never know)
    Give nicknames to soldiers rather than their actual name

    And any others you can think of.

    Pure curiousity is all, flame away.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    a) No
    b) No
    c) No
    d) I'll just check with Windy and Dusty Miller, Dodger Green, Clanger Bell, and Chesty the PT Buster...
  3. Is that the officers I mean not between the soldiers themselves. Like are they called it by their drill sergeant ?
  4. No wah here, genuinely interested.
  5. I know this is a wah but what the hell, I'm bored and dosed up with painkillers.
  6. You will be called many names on the drill square :D

    I called my rifle Tarquin
  7. No - it is a stupid practice
    No - because that is how pile managed to kill himself
    No - because it is an inanimate object
    No - nicknames happen because people use nicknames, being in the military has nothing to do with it.

    Yes people get beaten with socks rapped in towels
    Yes we go to war with an incredible sound track playing at all times
    Yes Every member of training staff wants to break their Pl
  8. Tis true........I can't get enough of that Napalm smell in the morning.
  9. Ask your Corporal at the Depot.He will love to answer your questions,and is legally obliged to answer you.
    Likewise asking plenty of questions based on films will mark you out as being special,and one to watch.
  10. God forbid I come to ask questions purely out of curiosity to people who've been through the training that I'm starting soon xD
  11. How sweet! I called my L9 "Trevor". But each to her/his own, eh?

  12. Got to love the iTank!
  13. The film was actually made in the UK. I was told Bassingborne was used for the barracks when I was going through phase 1 there.

    We didn't do any singing when we were running though. Or smuggle jelly donuts back to the block. Or have a drill instructor who wore a cowboy hat.

    But there was a fat kid who looked a bit like pte pile. He never made it to the pass off either, he got booted out and then rejoined somehow and is now signaller pile, as I saw him on telic 8. Rumour was that his old man was a half colonel in the royal signals and must of pulled a few strings for him.
  14. 'Sing along or chant with the instructor on runs etc'


    'Sleep with their rifle (stupid one I know)'

    Not as part of your training (unless you're on an FTX).

    'Encourage to give their rifle a name (another stupid one but you never know)'

    No. Anyone who does so is a sex pest.

    'Give nicknames to soldiers rather than their actual name'

    Er, yes, but that's not just a military characteristic.