Full English, Scottish or Ulster Fry

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by owen1923, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. There is an earlier post looking at what makes a Full English Breakfast, my question to you is Where have you had the best Full breakfast served up.

    I have a couple of choices.

    1. Depot RCT at Buller Barracks...... First time I had ever had a fried breakfast. ( Came from a poor background, my dad needed what money we had for beer and bookies )

    2. Royal Mail Sorting office Belfast..... Used to get to use the staff canteen while doing op clarion (escorting Dole and pension money to the post offices) 3 days a week. Being able to have breakfast there made the troubles worthwhile.

    Nowadays the best breakfast I can get my hands on is at Grosvenor Casino Newcastle, full monty less the balck pudding £2.50.
  2. Uplands Diner, Swansea.
  3. Derry Bus Station, 1999.

    Came with about 4 different types of bread, all fried. Excellent black pudding too, & none of that tomato malarkey.
  4. Jackpot cafe, Southampton. The full Herman (and Veggi Herman for the weirdy Beardy types) is a heart attack on a (very large) plate
  5. Morrisons always seems to deliver
  6. Best place?

    Well probably at my Dad's, but I wouldn't tell him that. We tend to have a bit of a stand off when we're at each others as to who can make the best fry up. It's nothing that we actually set out to do. It's a quiet, unspoken competition that is ongoing. :D
  7. Mother-in-laws kitchen, Derry

    Ulster Fry mmmmm
  8. cafe at haymarket for a quid now sadly a flower shop
  9. sally bash always get value for money
  10. There's a place called "Snackies," at a bus station near me. It's like a greasy transport cafe, hole in the wall affair. They do a breakfast which is a heart attack on a baguette. Very good. Sausage, bacon, mushroom, fried egg, beans, tomato, black pudding and a cup of tea (both separate) The baguette itself is about £2.45. Its about £3 if you want the black pudding and a cuppa... so its £3!
  11. A hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin. A big bowl of porridge made with cream, soaked up the previous nights' Guinness just right for the main attraction. It had everything a classic fry should have, with optional extras such as hash browns on tap. Bloody hell, I'm hungry all of a sudden.
  12. RUC York Road Belfast 1984 - Ulster Fry - the total biz!
  13. Greasy Spoon (sort of a mobile home in the layby) on the A59 towards Blackburn which is a bit of a bikers cafe' Full English or Heart Attack on a Bap, washed down with a large mug of tea. Used to open till 17:00 for truckers teas (normally the 'All Day Breakfast' and again from 05:00 for...... yep you got it!!!
  14. Belfast - Dublin train back in the 80s. Surprising good UF. Waiter became irate when I asked for one on the way back.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Anywhere on the Isle of Man during the TT.