Full bore shooting clubs in South Wales

'Evening all,

I'm looking for a full bore shooting club within striking distance of Cardiff. I can't find anything on the web. Can anyone get me a link or a phone number please?
Late reply. Not exactly South Wales but Offas Dyke Rifle Club have regular bookings at Sennybridge if that helps. Nice club, easygoing. Lots of long range stuff and field firing areas.
Thanks for that. A bit far, but they might able to point me the right way. If I go that way it'll be the first time I've ever gone to SENTA voluntarily!
My info may be a bit old now but try the gun shop Litts in Newport they should know, or ring SWP HQ at Bridgend and ask for the Firearms Admin Dept the will know. There used to be a club that had a range somewhere near Caerphilly.
Very, very late. Ancient, if you're still in the market PM me.
Only as long as we shoot at the English.....
I think you`ll find thats illegal ,, however we can shoot you lot with a bow
I understand that it's still legal to kill Welshmen found in Oswestry after dark, but anyone found there and then deserves to die anyway. But in my neck of the woods we just shag you to death.......

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