Full auto on the IW. How useful is it?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. A little thought occurred to me. Being very much of the "only aimed shots count" school of thought and having been schooled on the SLR (SA80 only came in in the last couple of years of my previous service) I was just pondering on how often I might be inclined to ever set my change lever to Auto, particularly as it can't be changed without shifting the grip on the weapon. (Probably the only selective fire weapon in the world that you have to take a hand off the weapon to do this :roll: )

    Anyway, for those who've used it at the sharp end, how useful did you find full auto and did you tend to have A or R as your usual setting?
  2. FA is good for room clearance, trench clearance and such like.
  3. In the prone position at targets not too far away,25m, I've found it quite good. Used it on a moving target range at Lydd and Hythe and found it better than single shot on ambush.

    Also tried it on the SAT range (yes I know its not the same thing) and could put quite a few rds on auto through the windows even in the standing position
  4. I always thought they should have added a three-round burst option on the old Sterling and called it "Economy", placing it after the A, R and S settings.

  5. Not sure that having to operate the change lever makes it worthwhile over fast semi shots.

    One of the SA80s worst ergonomic failings is the lack of a single thumb-operated safety/change lever. Strange that they didn't carry across the one on the SLR, which was a very good design.

  6. My thoughts exactly on both counts. I suppose in close country/buildings you could set to A ad otherwise set to R.

    The old SMG arrangement whereby it selected R first and then went through to A was ideal. If bumped at close quarters you just thumb it right through from S to A and give it a burst. In a more deliberate "enemy preseen" type circumstance you just select R in "slowtime"....

    The trouble with the SA80 safety doesn't stop there, it's out of easy reach of the forefinger and you need to use your other hand to put it back on!
  7. I think it is in a position which makes it hard to change from R to A in order to stop range mongs ND'ing!! ;)
  8. Doesn't bloody stop them though. :)
  9. AK47 series.. probably the most prolific selective fire weapons in the world? :roll:
  10. Yeah, really worked well on the M-16 A2 (?)..... :roll:
  11. Hardly a criteria for it. I think you'll find it's there because it was designed by mongs. It's an AR18 rammed up the arrse of an EM2 and they just jury rigged a change lever where it stuck out of the AR18 trigger group because it was easy. The safety is only a trigger block, doesn't interrupt the sear or anything.
  12. Proword no wah

    I'll spell it out A-R-S-E
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    A for "Ave some!" is useful in all theatres of war and in every situation. If you're some troops I've seen!!!
  14. "Don't forget to turn it to A for accuracy"

    "OI, YOU CNUT!
  15. Well done, mucker. It takes others a bit longer to rumble it. :lol: