Full auto airgun

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by studentfeckwit, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Purely theoretical, no I don't have one kicking around in the loft! :wink:

    Been chatting with a friend about whether a fully automatic air rifle would be legal. I'm convinced it isn't because of the "discharge more than one missile" bit under Section 5. His argument is that an airgun isn't legally a firearm and so Section 5 doesn't apply because, he reckons, airguns don't count as a lethal barrelled weapon.

    Neither of us can convince the other - what do the great and good of ARRSE think?

  2. Well,
    Seeing as i got arrested, for shooting bloody squirrels, on my own land, against a solid wall!
    On the firearms act, any airgun, imitation gun or anything with the name 'gun' in it, is availiable for scrutiny and arrest under the firearms act.
    And if they dont do you for that, then they will get you on the terrorism act, no evidence, but theoretically, (they say) you could have killed someone... All crazy these days!

    But to your question specifically, you can buy semi-auto rifles, which are co2 or air, and have magazines, and just fire as fast as you can ;)

    And if you bumpfired a co2 pistol it is fully auto, practically.
    It has a recoil feature, which chambers a pellet each time you fire, and thus it is 'auto'

    But airguns, ect. Definately come under the firearms act, iv still got the paperwork lying around somewhere.

    I think i make sense, but it being half 3 in the morning, i might not :) lol
    Did that answer your question?

  3. Crosman do a nice .177 air version of Ruger 10/22. That's fun for plinking, if a bit plasticy. Or you could get their Nightstalker model, which looks fun. Both are semi-auto, and useless for anything but plinking.

    As for fully auto though... you can't buy it anywhere, and I certainly wouldn't want to modify a semi-auto.

  4. Dare I ask ... why? If you're old enough and have no criminal record, you can fire an unmodified pneumatic weapon on your own land, can't you? And doesn't the gobment encourage us to destroy squirrels, on account of them being an official pest?
  5. Many years ago I remember seeing ads in Guns and Ammo for a full auto BB firing pistol/smg. It was powered by Freon. The cyclic rate was very high, apparently on sqeezing the trigger what appeared to be a solid stream of projectiles was launched at the target, 1000 BBs dissappeared in very short order, also the can of Freon cooled very rapidly so long breaks had to be made to allow it to warm up. Would have loved to have bought one, but there was the small problem of importing it into UK!
  6. I can think of reasons but they're thin. 1980 Highways act (Discharging a firearm within 50ft of the centreline of a highway comprising a carriageway (to the injury or obstruction of a user of said carrigaeway) (Paraphrased)

    Town and police clauses act 1847 perhaps?
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I now have a wonderful mental image of a blindfolded squirrel puffing on his last ciggy....
  8. Yep I remember that!

    Guns and Ammo,
    Wow the mag that fueled my interest in firearms.

  10. Not these days :/
    If anyone sees you and thinks oh, gosh!
    Then it can be offensive/ cause discomfort etc. theres loads of reasons
    I was told my garden was not a game preserve, and the said squirrel could be someones pet, the same with a fox (vermin), rabbit (vermin) Pigeon/ crfow(vermin)- They could all be pets, supposedly :/

    And EX_STAB, It is illegal, only if the pellet could travel beyond your bounderies, eg shooting against a wooden fence, a no brainer there!

  11. A sound reason for having the protection of an effective association like the BASC behind you. Over the last few years a number of forces have tried spurious prosecutions like this. The BASC have wheeled their legal team into action and the police have lost - and often been roundly chastised by the Judge.
  12. the Home Orifice is also a good one for nuisance prosecutions, either on 58(2), blank firers, or straight-pulls.

    Can't think of a single case that they have won recently...
  13. I had that when I was 13 , it looked vaguely like an M16 upper with its sighting rail/carrying handle.

    LARC M-19A- Damn that thing was fun


    Played Pork Chop Hill with the rats as the Chicoms in the park
  14. I think you've been had there mate. Were you actually prosecuted? If so what was the charge because all of the above is a crock of sh1t.