Fujitsu Rack mount RX300 server problems

Hi folks

My old civvy job has reared it's ugly head again. I've been out for 17 years and walked into a job doing IT on civvy street. I thought that I'd retired to farming but hay-hoe...

So i've got this server off sleaze bay and it's got 4 hot drives in it. I can't load the operating system (Windows SBS 2003) as the raid isn't set up. So RAID 5 for me I thought - well you would, wouldn't you? Powers up and does all the diagnostics and all.

It only give me raid 0, 1 and 10 as options. Apparently it does parallel scsi, which is raid 10 when you think about it.

So i am stuck. The raid is beyond me, I want raid 5 and can't load my operating system. What am I to do?

Many thanks in advance.

you'll need the boot disc/CD that should come with the server, boot to this, and you can then load the OS.

You may need to install the OS to make the HDDs NTFS, and then "dynamic drives" for the RAID 5 option??
You will need a copy of the the ServerStart disk to do pre-OS config on the box. This SHOULD have come with the box.

ServerStart is not available for free, due to licensing restrictions.

Everything contained ON the CD is available for free download from the download site at, but the CD itself as an ISO image isn't available as it contains a licensed Microsoft boot loader.

Your only option for getting a legitimate copy of the ServerStart package is to order a 12-month subscription from the web shop.
Things you don't want to hear. My first response was "You're in the sh*t" as this server came off sleaze bay and there are no disks. Don't have a copy do you???

Sorry, I don't have a copy. All my kit is HP Proliant stuff with the odd IBM box here and there.

Maybe there will be a copy knocking about on the torrents?

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