Fuera ingles de malvinas !!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wm1965, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. A few notes from a Brit in Buenos Aries:

    For two kilometres in every direction from the presidential palace 50% of the graffiti* that adorns the walls of all buildings has this post's title, or something 'stronger'. If it's not that it's lines of 5-8 posters A4 sized posters of the Falkland Islands coloured with the Argentine flag with the words "Argentios" across them. The newspapers are full of KFC declaring she will return the islands to Argentine control one wonders if that comes with the resumption of more "Missing Persons" and quite how she intends to do it in her lifetime.

    A couple of 'ironic' things:
    A) The square in front of the Presidential palace (epicentre of graffiti) has a permanent camp of ignored Falklands War veterans seeking compensation and support.
    B) The "Malvinas Memorial" with the names of Argentines who died sits opposite the British monument of 1910 which celebrates Argentina's stateship a century before.

    A) You have to wonder how Argentines can't fathom her rhetoric vs ignoring the veterans and B) how it was Britian was so close to Argentine in 1910 yet while we still governed the Islands vs the last 30y.

    Anyway what do I care, I'm an Irishman from Northern Island...just north of the Irish town of Crois Mhic Lionnáin.

    *Anyone who's spent any time in South America can attest everything has graffiti. It's almost as if something without graffiti isn't theirs.
  2. These veterans they keep wheeling out ought to have been shot 30 years ago for cowardice; and if they hadn't displayed such a lack of spine they might still have the Malvinas. *****.
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  3. Argie oil greed Jingoism - let the c**ts (buffoons) try again and get properly battered..again...and again..etc ....etc
  4. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! mano e mano, muy hombre, muy cojones
  5. 5A is that you?
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  6. Out of interest; how have the media reported/explained the refusal of any S/C American head of state to attend Frau Fernadez's anniversary shindig?
  7. It would appear the amount of garbage spouted from KFC is directly proportional to the depth of crap their economy's in .
  8. I was surprised to find recently that a couple of their destroyers were our Type 42s, sold and delivered only 5 years before the war started. Anybody else know this?
  9. Yes, John Simpson mentioned it on the BBC News, as well as the absence of any ambassadors from those nations just to rub her nose in it.
  10. Yes. They had been offered Harriers, but were unimpressed. They had a few bits of British made kit (Blowpipe, L34A1).
  11. If I were William Hague I'd go on Dago TV with an ultimatum: KFC makes a national address with no makeup on and we give them the islands back.
  12. I see we started the sabotage effort early on.
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  13. I believe I'm right in saying that they were Type 42s but not of RN spec in terms of radar, weapons etc. But I stand by to be corrected.
  14. No. All that matters is that we turfed out their "people" in 1833. All but a few Argentines try and steer the conversation on to the 'Malvinas' given a chance. Their favoruite way of doing this is bringing up Pink Floyd's recent tour (at least it's not Sean Penn).

    I was surprised to find recently that a couple of their destroyers were our Type 42s, sold and delivered only 5 years before the war started. Anybody else know this?
    Yes, this is well known. They tested dummy Exocet attacks against their ships before they attacked us. They have one ship left now converted to a Command Ship. We used a lot of the same kit: they used SLRs (FN's) in the war, better NV, and had more sun cream than us.
  15. Another funny note, you can't (easily) find British made goods. Believe it we still make some (think Gin, Tea and Barber jackets for example). The only gin you find is dire crap (I think this is a deliberate policy like Mao allowing the Chinese to read Dickens). Still, when the Argentines are in duty free shops in Chile or Uragauy it is amusing to watch them loading up on Twinings Tea, Heinz Ketchup (it's all Hellman's here) and London Dry Gin.