Fuel tank covers: Gash or Good?

my nice shiny new GSX650F is starting to get some small scuffs and scratches on the tank so I am thinking about getting a cover. Any point? And if so any recommendations?
I had a baglux tank bag for my pan-euro and left the tank cover on all the time as it wasn't worth the hassle of removing it. It did keep the tank in better condition than the rest of the bike.
Baglux, quality and had one on every bike I've owned, but if you don't fancy them there are firms doing very nice 'film' covers that are like thin plastic covers , you can hardly see the film but protects the paint, have a search, seen them at the bike show a few years ago. baglux covers can be picked up on Ebay and sold on easily when bike sold.
Try eBay for something called helicopter tape loads of people use it on their mountain bikes to keep the paint from getting hammered works well and very thin so hardly noticable
Trouble is, Bagelux and other covers do their own abrasion of the paint - grit and dirt gets into the foam and straps, and these in turn eventually cause wear marks.

On the only occasion I had a brand-new superbike (an FJR1300), I covered the tank in pvc insulation tape, and then put a Bagulux on top of that. Years later, when i sold it, the new owner took it all off, and was pleased to report that the tank paintwork was mint.
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