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Proposals that could avoid a strike by fuel tanker drivers have been agreed by negotiators for Uniteand six oil companies.

The union and the six contractors have agreed a set of proposals which will now be presented to their respective organisations in the hope a walkout can be avoided.

The details of the proposals, which could yet be rejected, will remain confidential unless the union or the oil companies themselves decide to go public.

Sky News understands that Unite will be presenting them to their representatives on Monday.

Assistant general secretary of Unite, Diana Holland, said: "We have done as much as we can and we have a document we can now discuss but we will keep the process confidential until the people who matter make the decision."

Peter Harwood, Acas chief conciliator, described the talks as "challenging" but said: "Acas is pleased at this development and hope that the matter will soon be settled."

Earlier on Friday, Unite was given an extension to the deadline for declaring industrial action so that negotiations could continue.

Under employment law, the union should have decided by late afternoon whether to call its 2,000 members in the industry out on strike after the vote last month.

The dispute has been brewing for more than a year but flared up in March when Unite announced that workers in five firms had voted to strike.

The union has been demanding minimum standards on pay, hours, holiday and redundancy as well as action on health and safety.

There was a spate of panic-buying of fuel by motorists last month after the Government advised them to top up their tanks because of the threat of a walkout.

Chaotic scenes and long queues were seen at garages across the country following the Government's advice, which was heavily criticised.

Following the agreement of proposals, a sookesman for the Energy Department said: "The Government welcomes the news that Unite plan to put a deal to their members.

"We hope that this will lead to the threat of strike action being lifted. The Government continues to believe that any strike action is wrong and unnecessary.

"We will continue to work on contingency plans to increase the country's resilience in the event of a strike."

........so all the HM Forces involved can go have an Easter Break at last, wonder what the next strike action is ?
least our lot has had virtually every C+E driver ADR'd
Utter bastards.

I have to cancel a weeks AT (first in 15 years) to be on standby for duties related to this, and now no overtime, no AT.

Curse you reconcilitory types!


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Let them strike. Make them poorer and the object of everyone's displeasure. Bring it.
That's whats happened
It backfired spectacuarly for McCluskey and his gang.
Hauliers and the general public didn't back them, not once they found out about the wages.
One large haulier let it be known that they would cross picket lines with their tankers to collect fleet fuel.
Unite ended up with egg on their faces and one badly burned face still in hospital.
They went to Acas to wiggle out of it as best they could.
The safety issues were sorted in a day.
Despite it not being about pay there seems to have been longer discussions about pay and how a rise to £54k p.a would make some of the "safety issues" go away.
Interestingly they now seem to have reached a rapid conclusion just a day or two after photo's of squaddies training in a garage are released.
Acas will wipe the egg of Unite's faces and let then get away with a slight improvment in pay and safety but not much else.
This was the strike to bring down the goverment yet they seem awfully keen to resolve it.

Back to teh draawing board I doubt Cameronm and Osbourne will flap over a threatend strike at BMW / Mini in Oxford.
Guess were Mini's will be bieng built in two years once they reject 6% (for a reduction in tea breaks) and walk out.


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I wonder if the hysteria after the governments words and the panic buying made the unions realise that they may not be too popular if they followed through???


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I truly cannot see why these cnuts don't just get****ed off into unemployment. Any HGV driver with a half day extra training on how to press play on the pump could do their job and double their current salary over night.

**** 'em. cnuts don't know they're born.

And the fire brigade too, they can **** right off.

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