Fuel protests for all

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bossdog, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. I've always toed the party line, however now I'm a civvy I'll be going to the London protest on my GSXR. Everyones welcome, bikes, cars, etc.


    Sunday June 22nd 2008 - Peaceful Driving Protest

    We are a group of road users who are fed up of having to pay an extortionate price for fuel.

    Since the cost of oil has risen, the Government have failed to trim the tax percentage back to help keep fuel prices down, in refusing to do that they are raking in millions of extra pounds in revenue, far above what they did six months ago.

    This is not only driving up the cost of fuel, but also the cost of living, this would be bad enough in a stable economy, but in the current uncertain financial climate we feel it's unfair that many peoples lives are being made a misery by the high fuel duty and the associated effects. Many small firms are now affected by this issue and will not survive much longer due to rising costs.

    We would like to encourage people to treat this as a picnic rather than a confrontational event.
    Take your family and a picnic basket, if you are going to London then meet us in Hyde park near Marble arch for a sit down picnic in the park.
    I am sure there is a major park in your town or area that you could meet and have your own picnic.
    This is to show our displeasure not cause undue disruption to others.

    Main areas we want to target...
    Edinburgh - 11am - Corstorphine road and then down towards castle. Leave at 12noon
    LEEDS NOW CONFIRMED (come on the rest of you!!)
    Asda, Rooley Lane, Bradford (at end of M606) 11.00 heading to Hyde Park in Leeds for 12.00.
    There will be a pick up on route at B&Q, Beeston, Leeds for those travelling back from the Farmyard at around 11.30-11.45

    Sheffield - 11am - Meadowhell - Then cruise to centre for 12noon

    London - 11am Heston Services M4 - Then cruise into London at 12noon

    Brighton - Kingsway for 12noon


    The aim to get as many vehicles of whatever age and type, cars, lorries motorbikes and taxis to central locations in the cities to show our displeasure, hopefully since it's a Sunday more people can turn up, and show that it's not just the truckers that are angry at the situation. We need to show we are serious and want the government to do something, if they do not then we do it again and again and again until the message sticks, let us shake their ivory tower and show that we are reaching our breaking point.

    Print posters and stick them in local shops, hand out leaflets, email everyone you know in this country, there are lots of ways in which this can spread around, start your own facebook group for your area and one of you could contact your local paper to get coverage, if you are a professional driver come and represent your company in your biggest vehicle.

    If you have not already done so... sign this Petition and then check back here and on our Facebook group for the latest updates and news on where the Peaceful driving protests will be taking place.

    So please join our group and get together with others to organise protests in your local area, remember you must make sure you do not break the law and keep the protest peaceful.

    Send any updated information to


    And we will update this page.
    UPDATE 05-06-08
    Suggestion : Make your protest a 'Mass picnic' in London we can use Hyde park starting near Marble Arch, just turn up with a picnic basket, you dont even have to bring your car!
    We would like a lot of people to turn up on foot as well as in cars,.
    Please only email me if you require specific information, I am getting inudated with requests

    Companies supporting our cause (email me if you want to be added)




    Zube Records
  2. What would you do if no oil was left to get hold of?

    Not a wah, a serious question. The oil will run out at some point if we continue to behave in the same old way. That is a fact, the timescale is open to discussion but only the time.
  3. I'd have to live with it.

    However Its the price of it that bothers me at the moment.
  4. Sorry old son, but I am afraid that is cobblers, the oil will not run out, it will just keep getting more expensive until no one wants to part with quite so much money to have it!! Simple Free market economics, Supply Goes Down and Demand remains static or rises the price will go up, which is exactly what we are seeing at the moment, the demand placed on the wortld oil supply by China and india is such that the price has risen to what we see now, what really makes me laugh is Brown actually believed that opening the taps a bit on the north Sea would have any effect whatsoever on the global price of oil, what a muppet and that clown was our Chancellor?

    The only way any of us can hope to see cheaper fuel in the short to medium term is if either (a) fuel duty drops or (b) the demand drops, unless we see a change in government; and even then I'm dubious; I don't see the former happening any time soon.
  5. I also disagree, the oil isn't going to run out. Shallow water oil exploration has generally run it's course but deep water oil export is a relatively new type of business. there is an abundance of deep water oil fields waiting for exploration, especially in the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

    The technology to manufacture and install oil/gas pipes in deep water is ongoing and a major obstacle that is being encountered is that ROV technology and installation vessels can't keep up with demand to install pipes in deep water oil fields.
  6. The inherent problem in Blighty is that Cyclops has just abused the TAX levy on our fuel.

    At present Foreign transport companies can bring loads here and then carry out 2/3 other jobs whilst here. From 2010 that rule is changing and they will be able to do as many jobs as they please.

    So what?

    Even when you look at comparative EU countries, France or Germany, we are paying some 15p a litre more for diesel than they are. And when you look further to the East of the EU, that differential increases by some 40p per litre.

    Bye - Bye UK Hauliage industry....

    However, Mr Brown and his one-eyed Labour mongs will be long gone and they will be sitting in the opposition heckling the Tories for there failed polocies. Obviously the general public are that thick and idle that they will have forgotten the fact that it was Labour that sanctioned them in the first place.

    My best advice to all. Retire at 40, liquidate your UK assets and join the hundreds of thousands of UK residents that have jumped ship for foreign shores. At the end of the day, we (UK Plc), pumps billions of euros into Brussels which is largely used to assist developing EU states, might as well take the benefit of this by living in one of these developing EU countries and reaping the rewards of the taxes that you have paid, as you won't get any here.

  7. I bagsy being Mad Max!!!
  8. Your site claims that protestors are suffering badly.

    Luckily, they don't live in Ghana, where it costs the average worker 1% of their annual salary to fill their tanks. As the price goes up, people driving and working will go into a sort of "negative equity" situation, where the wages paid (if you can call them that) may soon no longer cover the costs of reaching the place of employment. Add to this the downward pressure put on those wage levels by the constraining effect on a burgeoning economy - caused largely by the upward price of oil.

    The equivalent here would be people on £30k paying over £300 to fill their tanks. Absurdly, in the US, protestors feel justified in complaining about $4 a gallon - but it seems to me that they're not suffering quite as much as others - in fact, they're not suffering full stop.

    It's interesting that your protestors are encouraged to DRIVE to their place of protest. This sort of gives the lie to the site's claim of "reaching their breaking point".
  9. There is at least as much oil we know about under the North Sea as we have used in the last 30 years. This doesn't include oil reserves we have yet to discover.