Fuel Protest on M62

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vampireuk, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Good effort. Lets hope that it catches.
  2. It always surprises me, a protest that impacts the very people its meant to represent - yeh right! didnt work before, wont work again.

    The price will keep going up and up as the gov makes money both ways, one out of tax and VAT and two from the taxation of BP who make a cracking profit - so why drop the price? they dont give a stuff.
  3. It did work before. Have you ever seen the government so scared? Dirty tricks against..........truck drivers.
    I don't know why they haven't done it again.
    The price is ridiculous. - and they have us over a barrel. Why are they allowed to change prices day by day? Can't do that with beer and cigarettes.
  4. DD get off that fence, say what you really think :D

    Nice of them to do it on a Saturday
  5. hammy, the oil slick the size of 'Ireland / Jamacia ' (and getting bigger) in the Gulf Coast may have escaped your notice. BP may not be be doing 'profit' for a few years.

    HMG or the bikers? The demo was legit, police escort, advance notice etc, not spontaneous or otherwise 'shock' tactics. Anyway, the traffic 'stuck' behind the bikers was probably moving faster than it normally would on a motorway.
  6. Don't buy your own petrol then?
  7. I remember a few years ago when the fuel prices went over the 99p and the country went spastic. Protests galore, and the gobment caved in.

    Since then we have seen it go up, and up, and up, and up. Sometimes with publicity, sometimes it just sort of happens overnight while we sleep.

    About a month ago over the space of 4 days it went up 3 times. That was just before it was due to go up legit due to the budget. And the promises that fuel prices won't go up until a certain date is all bullshit. They screw the British public over everything.

    We are so used to being f**ked from every angle we just roll over and take it anally now. When somebody stands up against the gobment over anything, certain people go mad and have a go at them

    Petrol prices...............tossers
    Carbon footprint.........wierd hippy anti government type people.

    When the hell is this Country going to stop being treated like a kicking post for everyone over everything and start to fight back. That old school British spirit has been buried. Along with every value that made this Country one of the best in the world. Now we are laughing stock. :x
  8. Protests and blockades of the fuel depots..
    i agreed with it..
    The country brought to a near standstill..

    But didnt mr prime minister say that he would bring in the troops to deliver if it happened again??

    I know..

    WERE WILL HE GET THEM FROM (but thats another story)
  9. Great my HTD pay allowance has been cut by £45, I was struggling on the rate before it was changed in April. What do I do tell my boss I am not coming in for two weeks as I cannot afford petrol. Told the clerk that he would be getting a two week MMA claim. They cant provide transport and public transport is non existent. So looks like I am getting charged for being absent from place of duty.

    Also as my allowance dropped the price per litre went up by 2p! £1.22 a litre it was 54p when I started to drive.

    Also wear and tear on your vehicle and increased insurance premium because annual distance has shot up and having to have business use on your insurance. I am lucky as the missus pulls enough in to keep ticking over.

    And even better Road Tax went up stealthily on 1st April,

    Now I am whinging about the effect it is having on me, then talking to a girl who works on the make up counter in boots (missus birthday honest guv) she explained that half her monthly wage pays for her to go to work.

    This is so unfair, it should not be bikers it should have been everyone. Now watching in interest for BP to put up the prices. Excuse the pun, OPEC and the Government have got us over a barrel.
  10. Fuck all to do with OPEC. At least 80p in the litre goes to the government.
  11. doing some maths here,

    £2,500 a year on fuel to go to work,

    £180 a year on tax

    £50 premium insurance

    £52 mot

    £5.60 on VAT for Oil and Antifreeze

    £40 extra for business insurance

    £100 wear and tear

    £200 servicing + £30 winter check and in car spares

    £1000 depreciation in my car value a year,

    £251 car insurance fully comp

    Added up,

    £3403 for the priviledge of working for a government that despises us!
  12. I think a deal has been done between the haulage firms and the gubment. Thats why there are no protests coming from them. I may be wrong of course
  13. hmmm.